Monday, May 23, 2011

Tender Mercies


Hey everybody! Another eventful week in the great work of the Lord.

Elder Vaivela and I had some good experiences this week. None of our

investigators are ready for baptism yet though which is a shame BUT I

had a bit of my own personal revelation this week. I've been feeling a

bit anxious because Elder Vaivela and I havent baptised but then I

remembered Sister Simmons words when she said "Maybe you were just put

back into this area to train Elder Vaivela." Maybe she's right. I did

realize though that after all the training and working we did witness

someone become converted to the gospel and have a change of heart. I

told you about Malakai before but let me refresh your memory. Malakai

is from Tonga and he is the Taofi's 2nd cousin. He was baptised a

member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints when he was

17 years old. After he was baptized he never went back to church. He

started drinking, smoking and getting himself into all kinds of

trouble. He's 26 now and he's married with two young children. He came

over to Australia to earn some money because there arent very many

opprotunities for jobs in Tonga. So he lives with the Taofi's and they

are very strong in the church. Since he's been living with them he's

had to stop drinking and smoking. Elder Vaivela met him at church one

sunday and decided that we would teach him the lessons. I couldnt

understand anything because it was all in Tongan but my point of all

of this is that BECAUSE Elder Vaivela taught him the gospel. He's now

converted. He wanted to get baptized again (even though we cant do

that) becuase the first time didnt really mean anything but he's

grateful that he is apart of the church. Now he is preparing himself

to hold the priesthood and to go back to Tonga to baptize his family!

I asked Elder Vaivela what has been the strongest spiritual experience

he's had so far and he said teaching Malakai. The Lord's Tender

Mercies are everywhere. I'm thankful that Heavenly Father taught me

that lesson this week.

Again I testify that Heavenly Father has a deep love for all of his

children. NO matter what they look like! haha. We found this new

investigator Jason this week and he is a crazy looking dude. He has

long as hair. Its faded red. looks burned. He's a wanna be rock start!

Haha I know this sounds really mean but its true. But he has a solid

faith that Jesus Christ Is his Lord and Saviour. We taught him the

Restoration this week by the Dee Why Library on a park bench and I

felt the spirit. When we taught him about the Restoration and the

prophet Jospeh Smith the spirit testified to us all that what was said

was true. It was a great feeling! He could feel it too. I know he did

becuase we asked him. We invited him to be baptized and he said he

would need to read some of the Book of Mormon and come to church but

if he knew it was true he would! He's a humble man. We're praying that

he reads and continues to progress. We really need to focus on getting

our investigators to church. I know that we need to invite ALL those

around us to COME UNTO CHRIST no matter what they look like because

its not for us to make that judgement. I love you all. Ofa Atu

Elder Nelson

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rugby or Missionary?

G'day Family

It was so great to talk to the family last week. You all sound so

good! Thanks Mom for making it so clear how much time I have left.

Haha. Its funny because everyone is telling me that I'm going home

soon but I just dont feel like I am. Theres just so much work to do

and Elder Vaivela and I are trying so hard to baptize someone! The

work is good. We had to drop some investigators because they werent

progressing but we're searching high and low for the investigator that

we will be able to baptize. Dave Reilly came to church this week but

he still needs to get married to his partner and he needs to stop

drinking. We committed him to stop and he said he is trying. Its not

easy for him since he has been an alcoholic for most of his life.

The most exciting news here is that Will Hopoate, one of our ward

missionaries, is a professional Rugby player (we got to see him play

last week) and he decided he is going on a mission! He turned down an

offer of 1.5 million dollars to play for another team. How crazy is

that? He's an amazing man and he will be a hectic missionary. The cool

part for us is that now everyone in our area is recognizing us as

missionaries! They say "Doesnt Hoppa go to your church?" Is he going

to be doing what your doing? He's had a massive impact on everyone in

this area. It was all over the news and newspapers. Its such a good

example to the other young men of the church in Australia that are

also great Rugby players. He will be so blessed for his sacrafice.

More than he's probably tried to imagine. It just goes to show how

making one right choice can make such a difference in many peoples

lives around you.

Elder Vaivela and I are great. We're having lots of fun and making the

most of the time we have. I know that this is the Lord's work and that

Heavenly Father loves his children. People ask us all the time why

does God allow suffering to occur if he's so loving. I know that if

there was no suffering and sorrow we would not know compassion and

joy. God will hold the evil accountable and reward the righteous. Our

losses will be made up. Death is not the end. I have FAith in Jesus

Christ. With that Faith I have a bright hope that we will live after

this life. We will be with our loved ones again and if we are obedient

we will have Eternal life. I love this gospel. In the name of Jesus

Christ, amen.

Quick Funny Story: We were driving to our flat with our zone leaders

and we noticed that some lady was getting filmed in front of the

chapel! We were like what the heck? So we turned around and pulled

into the parking lot like we were getting something and then I walked

up to them and asked them if they needed help. The lady was like high

I'm Tracy from Channel 10 (she was way snobby) and we're doing a story

on Will Hopoate going on a mission. We were like great! We're

missionaries! She was like oh! (I thought: this is my chance....I'm

going to be on TV!) NOPE! She hogged the whole thing and her story was

lame and she was like can you hold this styrafoam thing and shine it

on me so I look better! PSSSH! Yeah I helped but man they were lame.

Another newspaper said "WIll hopoate is going to SALT LAKE CITY!" Man

these people have no idea what they are talking about.

Love ya heaps as. Catch ya next week.

Elder Maikolo Viliami Nalesoni