Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wollongong Australia!

G'day Family and Friends!
Thanks Mum and Dad for sending me those emails. I love hearing about how the family is doing and what else is going on back home. Well I might as well get right to it. Transfers are here!! The mission has been consolidated! Crazy business. And guess what?? I'm still in Dee Why!!! jk I'm not, I lied. I'm in a place called Wollongong.....yeah....dont ask. Lol! It was in the South Mission but now we are the GREAT AUSTRALIA SYDNEY MISSION! My companion is Elder Stringham and he is from Alberta Canada. He's a great guy and really chill, I like him. We live with two other missionaries in our flat. Elders Neslen(close aye?) and Elder Bowles. They are good guys too. Elder Neslen's from Oregon and Elder Bowles is from Bountiful. I havent been in a 4-way for a long time but its fun :). It took us two hours to get down here from Carlingford. Btw I'm still still Zone leader and we are in the South Coast Zone. Thats right baby!! Still on the BEACH! Chyah! Oh and I just found out that President Simmons doesnt have a "no sand" policy like President Scruggs so you know what that means?? We're going to the beach! lol but of course I wont swim....much.. JK!!!! gosh. So anyways I love this area already. There are way more Aussies here though. Our ward is actually mostly Australians. weird aye. I've served in Samoa ,Tonga, and now finally Australia lol. Its pretty sweet. This area is beautiful. There is a lot of work to be done though. Starting with our flat that we are going to clean today. But I'm excited to start fresh and apply the things that I have learned so far in my mission and to grow and learn even more.

Transfer meeting yesterday was pretty emotional. I was sad to leave the Harbord Ward. Btw I did write a song for the ward for the Talent show. They really liked it :). I'm definitely gonna have to go back and visit them all sometime. Its like my second home! There are some Tongans here though so I'm happy. At transfers though we witnessed the consolidation of the mission and President and Sister Scruggs were Debadged. Man, I'm not gonna lie I cried. I respect and love the Scruggs family so much and I've learned so much from Presdient Scruggs. I hope to see them all again soon. President and Sister Simmons are really awesome though. They actually come from the same stake as the scruggs back in Salt lake. I'm looking forward to working with them. I just love the feeling that as soon as I got to our flat yesterday I just knew I was in the right place. I love that feeling. I know that I am supposed to be here and there is a work for me to do. I love this work and I love my mission. Thank you for your support and prayers. Please keep them coming! :) Cheers as. Alua

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I always wanted to go to Italy

Kia Ora!(said kee-oh-dah)
I thought the new greeting was apropriate today since my family is turning into Maoris. The Pukana faces were HILARIOUS!! I was dying and I made a big scene and I think half of Dee Why has seen what my family looks like with their tongues out lol. And we could also see what you ate for dinner mum...hahahaha....no but seriously.. pasta? or pizza? jk.

We had a great week this week. We found some really great new investigators. Our newest investigator Charlotta is so cool. She's from Italy. Elder Cahigas and I were desperate to find new investigators so we were cleaning out our area book and we found the name Charlotta on one of our potential sheets with only a number. Well I called up the number and told her who we were and what we were doing and she said she was interested! So we stopped by her house on wednesday with Sister Ponce's daughter Maria and we had an AWESOME lesson. Golden as. She said that she was brought up Catholic but she didnt like how they viewed God as an angry and unforgiving God and she also was concerned about her faith and strengthening it so we pretty read through Alma 32. It was so cool because we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was like I've heard about this book but can you explain where it came from. So we explained the history and the background and she was like "that makes so much sense! why wouldnt there be another nation of people that kept a record too like the Bible?" And I was so suprised I just said ..." Yeah!....." lol but man Elder Cahigas and I were so excited so we bore strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and that it was the word of God and I could tell that she felt the spirit and as we highlighted a few scriptures in Alma 32, expounded upon them and applied them to her I knew that she knew that she was reading the word of God. We wanted to teach her everything all at once but we didnt have enough time so we left her the rest of the chapter to read and a pamphlet on the Restoration of the Gospel and told her that we would explain where exactly the Book of Mormon has come from. I'm so excited for that lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel on wednesday! I have a good feeling about it :). We'll see though. Missionary work is so unpredictable. So everything has been going really well for us and hopefully we'll be able to teach some of the people that we found last week too.

 I know that our Heavenly Father prepares his children to accept the Gospel and our message that there is a prophet on the earth and the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth in these latter days. It is up to us who have found this truth to invite those of our brothers and sisters who are searching and maybe they dont even know they're searching to come unto Christ and to Follow Him. For he is way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Him. I love my mission and all that I am learning. Lately I have been feeling very blessed and also edified while I have been studying the wonderful truths of this gospel. God Lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Nelson

HAPPY FATHER's DAy DAD!! Sounds like you got spoiled and also CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING YOUR CONTRACTOR's LICENSE! Thats sweet as mate.  Well I better go for now but I'm fine mum I dont really need anything right now. I'm just really trying to stay extra focused because President wanted me to make sure my area was up to par before the consolidation because another Zone Leader will probably be coming into the area and we are finally seeing the blessings from our prayers and hard work so I'm trying to make sure that doesnt go to waste.  But, I was wondering if someone who send me a 4 or 5 or 6 generation pedigree chart. I've been learning a lot about everyone else's family history lately but I know nothing of my own :/. I know thats my fault. Also, has any gotten my line of authority yet? Love ya heaps! Transfers this weekend! p.s. Good luck on your business classes! Will you have a job for me when I get home??

Stephen, stop being so buff.

Bryce, your the man....as. I'm sure your buff too.

p.p.s please dont make those faces in public...have mercy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chosen Generation


Elder Cahigas and I had a bit of a roller coaster week. A lot of good happened but we had some set backs too. But no worries! The good always out ways the bad so its all gravy in the navy. Yeah gravy in the navy....its not an Aussie saying I just made it up the other day..dont be jealous stephen. So right now Elder Cahigas and I are really struggling to know what to do about Jamie and her partner Daniel. They arent really trying to keep commitments and even though they claim to want to strengthen their relationship with God they dont seem to be putting a lot of effort forward. I'm working on my Christlike Attribute PATIENCE this week. I seem to be working on that one a lot...hmmm. Sorry If i wasnt patient with any of you before my mission, you must all have been praying for me to have heaps of opprotunities to increase my patience eh? Well thanks a lot! I'm feeling it now! Maybe the Buddhists are right about Charma...jk.

 Yesterday we had a pretty good day at church. Our Bishop's son Will gave such a great talk about the youth of our days. He explained some scary statistics about youth these days and he explained how satan is now attacking the family through the youth. I can see how true that is as I've been a missionary. He explained the importance of the youth programs of the church and how closely and carefully we need to watch and care for the youth today. Elder Eyring gave a great talk about this in General Conference. I loved how he pointed out how the youth today are the chosen generation BUT so are the parents. The parents are the chosen generation to raise the youth in this world today. He told a good story about the importance of listening to your parents, I'll tell what I remember: "A man lived in a Cabin on the outskirts of town with his young son and one day as he was returning home from gathering some wood for the fireplace he started to have a really eary feeling. As he approached the house he noticed that the door was wide open and that everything inside the house had been smashed and thrown around. He panicked and he ran through the house looking for his son yelling at the top of his lungs. His son was no where to be found. As he hurried outside he saw his dog coming from the woods with blood surrounding its mouth. Fearing the worst he furiously grabbed the dog, took it deep in the woods and put it down. As he returned home for the second time with grief engulfing him he saw something in the corner of his eye on the side of the house. As he walked over he could see that it was a large bear that had died from visible bite wounds all over it. Hopeful he hurried into the house and joyfully found his son hiding under his bed, perfectly fine. The dog had been protecting the man's son from the bear."(thats the best I remember it but I hope you get the picture) Will explained that as youth sometimes we feel that our parents are too hard or too strict or too protective and we disregard what they say. We view them as the "bad guy" in some cases when really all our parents are trying to do is keep us same from the "large bears" of the world that could overcome and destroy us. I'm thankful for my parents who took time to ask me questions about what was going on in my life and also about my testimony of the gospel. I'm thankful for their concern and their unconditional love. Look at the youth around you and see if any of them need a helping hand or warm smile or someone to talk to. The youth are the future leaders of the church and the future of the world. This message hit me hard because I was thinking about my own brothers who I love very VERY much. I hope we are all mindful of all of Heavenly Father's children that surround us everyday and that we strive to be a lighthouse to the shore of everlasting peace and happiness instead of apart of the storm that constantly trying to push us back or bring us down.

 I love this Gospel and I know that this Gospel of Jesus Christ: Faith, Repentance, Baptism(Partacking of the Sacrament), Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end is the way that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father and live with our families forever. Also if each and everyone of us was constantly trying to keep our covenants which we made at baptism, which are:take upon us the name of christ, always remember him and keep his commandments, how much stronger would we be in this war verses satan? But we arent perfect of course and that is why Jesus Christ has graciously given us the Sacrament that we can partake of EVERY week to renew our covenants that we made at baptism and push forward on our pathway to eternal life. I know that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten of the Father. The Savior and Redeemer of the World. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He saw our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet today. How amazing is it that we have a prophet today?! and Twelve Apostles! I know that God is still speaking to his chirldren today as he has in the past. This is my testimony in the name of jesus Christ amen.

Elder Nelson

Mum, sorry if the email was a bit heavy. I was going to give a couple funny stories but I didnt have enough time. I felt this was a bit more important too. Are you doing FHE's at home? Can you do an FHE on understanding and recognizing the promptings of the spirit? Especially to know if something is true. Also maybe if you could do a lesson on Baptism and the Importance of the Sacrament.
i'm gonna miss president scruggs. I'm probably gonna move to the south mission at the end of the month.....ah! Elder Cahigas is great! He's a great teacher. He's older too, 24. I dont think I have Denisa's address anymore. Can I have it please?? Tell stephen and Bryce that I love them. Yeah I remember Eric nuttal he was my "dad" on the pioneer trek lol. He's cool as. Love you all. I'm working hard. cheers!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aaron's the man

June 6, 2010

......Transfers are here! And guess what?? I'm staying in Dee Why again! YAY!! I'll have been here for 8 months. Wooo! loco. I love it here though. I'm REALLY trying to find someone to baptize this month though. Fasting and praying for it. But until then I'm just trying to help build up the Harbord Ward and wait for miracles. This transfer is only a few weeks long instead of 6 weeks because we're going to merge with the south mission and some of the Zone Leaders are going to get sent over there to do a bit of mixing sooo I dont know whats going to happen. I'm also no longer companions with Elder Vardeman. I'm companions with Elder Cahigas so now we're not split Zone Leaders anymore. I like it better that way :). I learned a lot about myself from Elder Vardeman though. He's a good man. Together we were Tex Mex lol and now I'm with a little Philipino man lol he's way cool.

.....I was reading Alma 22 the other day for personal studies though and I am thoroughly convinced that the first thing Kate needs to do is pray. We are trying to get her to pray but she's being a bit stubborn about it and telling us not to force her. But I love how Aaron teaching King Lamoni's Father (A King himself) about how that Great Spirit is God and he teaches with power and authority. So much that the King says he will believe all the words that Aaron teaches him. Then after he teaches the King he tells him to "Bow down before God(Pray)." This King is probably so used to having people bow down to him but he is told by this missionary from the people that are enemies to his people to Bow down to a God that he has only been told about. Now thats faith and humility. And when the King gives his faithful but simple prayer he gains a witness that God Lives and Jesus is the Christ. I know that we get answers to prayers. My companion and I are looking for those people who are humble enough to exercise even a particle of faith so as they plant that seed of faith and nourish it by exercising that faith they may partake of the fruit(love of God) of the tree of life(Jesus Christ)........

Well i gotta go I love you all heaps. Look for those missionary opprotunitues and tell your friends about your experiences with sharing the gospel. Cheers!

Elder Nelson