Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

G'day Everyone!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Now we have New years to look

forward too. Yessss!

I had a great christmas. Elder Christiansen and I have become great

friends and we had a lot of good laughs and some fun eating at members

homes. But of course the highlight was talking to my family! I miss

them so much! It was a refreshing moment and now I know that I need to

Endure to the End.

We had a great week this week. Plenty of teaching! Which is rare since

this week was full of the busyness of christmas. We had some amazing

experiences though and we had a few investigators at church on sunday.

It was a Christmas to Remember. Our mission is getting so close to

reaching all of our goals too which is so exciting. One experience

that I'd like to share is when we had the opprotunity to teach our

friends Arthur and Eric from Taiwan. They have NO concept of God. So

we explained the role of the Holy Ghost and also Who God is. We also

taught How to pray and invited them to do it. Arthur gave his first

prayer. It was a neat experience. He prayed in his broken english with

all his heart and at the end we asked him: How do you feel? He said,

"warm." You shouldve seen the excitement in his eyes. It was a

blissful moment. I know that God lives and that he is very eager to

let his children know that HE IS THERE and that HE LOVES them. But

sometimes He needs our help, for those of us who DO know, to help

those who dont. I love this gospel.

Elder Nelson

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

What an exciting time of year this is! A time to ponder on the past
year, to recognize God's hand, his tender mercies, to recognize change
and progression and of course a time of celebration! To celebrate the
birth of the Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ. I love the
Christmas season. I learned an important lesson from our Elders Quorum
President yesterday at church. He said "Do we celebrate Christmas? or
Xmas?" To keep it brief he said "Lets all make sure in this great
season to let people know that we celebrate CHRISTmas not Xmas" Lets
keep Christ in our Christmas. I loved that lesson. Its so true and it
made me think about how I can also have more of an emphasis on CHRIST
during this season. Another thought occurred to me as we sat in Gospel
Principles class. What is the "christmas spirit" that we talk so much
about? Why is Christmas such a happy time? My own personal opinion is
that it is the HOLY GHOST. And why is the Holy Ghost so much more
obvious" in this season. Of course it is because of what the TRUE
meaning of christmas is but also I believe it is because we catch the
spirit of giving. The Holy Ghost is a giver of truth and happiness.
Some people who dont even believe in Jesus Christ feel this same
spirit because they are also giving. We know from experience that it
is fun to get presents but the real JOY comes from GIVING presents. So
what was the Greatest of ALL presents that has been given to the
Children of Men? The ATONEMENT of course! "For God so LOVED the world
he GAVE his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall
not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent NOT his Son to
condemn the world but that through Him all mankind may be saved." I
know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that He lives.
Its not a fairytale. Its truth. I love this great work and I'm excited
to be able to talk to my family this week! My new ward is great. Its
really strong and really diverse. We had a pretty rough week because
almost all of our appointments fell through but we had some miracles
and Elder Christiansen and I got to know each other a bit better. Have
a Merry Christmas! Cheers!

Elder Nelson

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tears and Mundays


So I was just at a different Internet Cafe and their system failed or
something so I lost the email I was just about to send in reply. It
was done and everything and then BAM! and NO MORE HAPPINESS! This will
be short. Lo siento. So BIG changes. I'm no longer in Wollongong. I'm
in the Granville area in the Parrmatta Zone. I'm pretty excited about
being here because this is one of the "powerhouse" Zones if you know
what I mean. My new companion is Elder Christiansen from St. George
Utah. He's an awesome missionary. He's about to hit his year mark and
he's just gun as. We taught an amazing iinvestigator last night. His
name is John Munday. Him and his partner are both from New Zealand.
They are really cool. I love Kiwis. We taught the restoration and it
was seriously one of the best lessons I've ever been in. Elder
Christiansen is a great teacher. It was a great welcoming into this
great area. It was sad leaving Wollongong. I'll have to tell you more
about it later. It was a tearful goodbye. I'll have to go now but I
love you all. Thanks for the great update. Sounds like everything is
going great. The pictures looked great too. Love you all. Ofa atu.

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Payback eh?

G'day Mates!

Como se valu(sp)? Se va tres bien. How are you? I'm great! Our new

African Member from Togo, Charlesmagne, is teaching me a little

French. Its really fun. So since you didnt get my email last week you

just gotta get me back by not sending one this week eh? Ahh I see.

Well let me tell you whats the haps here in Wollongong.

This week was pretty awesome. Elder Tamatafaarere went back to his

area in Campbelltown so I got Elder Kerr back. He missed wollongong.

You just cant really beat this place. Plus we're seeing a lot of

evidence of God's hand in the work down here. I had fun with Elder

Tamatafaarere for the short time that I was with him. So much happened

while I was with him it feels like we were together for a whole

transfer. Hes a funny as Islander. Massive and just the biggest softy

ever. He also can barely keep his massive body awake so he's always

falling asleep haha. It was good to have Elder Kerr back. He's a great

missionary. I need to learn more from him. He knows a lot about the


This weekend for the Wollongong ward is the Christmas Nativity

Pageant...thing. Its gonna be sweet as. Katrina Stewart asked me and

Elder Kerr to sing We three Kings and for me to play it on the guitar

since we will be the wise men but we just found out that Elder Kerr

has to go to his last area because one of his previous investigators

is getting married and baptised so he wont be able to make it. I'll

probably be with Elder Sermersheim's companion for the weekend. But

other than that it should be fun and we should be able to get some

investigators to it too.

Triston is still with his family in Bega. Hopefully he comes home soon

but Renee came to church! Her partner is the famous footie player.

Renee, Jr. and his Rm brother Setu came to church and it was really

fun having him there. I'm pretty sure Renee liked it. She went to

Relief Society too which was great because they were going to leave

before Relief Society. Triston and Renee are probably our best

investigators. They are very genuine people. They would great members

of the church. Jacob, our Greek Orthodox Priest friend had to return

back to Greece yesterday morning. We went and said good bye to him.

Hopefully he'll catch up with some missionaries in Greece.

On friday we had a very exciting experience. I met Tad R. Callister!!

Yeah buddy. And Elder Jensen of the Seventy. They visited the mission

and had a short meeting with us in Carlingford. We werent going to be

able to go at first but Elder Kerr REALLY wanted to go so we asked

president and he allowed us to go which was very nice. Elder Jensen is

actually the church Historian so they were busting out all these cool

historical facts and trivia from the church's history. Before the

meeting started we got to shake all their hands which was great. They

wanted to know who we were and where we were from and I thought to

myself "Crap! do I say I'm from Sacramento, CA or From Springville,

UTAH?" In the end I decided to tell them I was from Springville

UTAH...ya know..just incase Tad needs to give me a ring and get in

contact with me. haha. They were like "Oh, its so great to have so

many missionaries out from UT." Man I'm a Cali Kid and I always will

be. haha jk it was all good. Then they got to serious stuff. Their

message was on POWER and Authority. whats the difference? "The

Priesthood given to you by the laying on of hands gives you authority,

keeping your covenants gives you power." They strongly emphasized the

importance of our "exact obedience" and how that is what will gives us

power and the spirit of prophecy that the sons of Mosiah during their

mission which made them so successful. It was a great mesage. After

that Elder Callister finished off with His testimony of the Book Of

Mormon and he SMASHED it. It was awesome. I definitely believe the

Book of Mormon is true. And for those of you who believe its true but

dont really know why? Read it. Ponder its words in your heart. Ask God

if it is true. Apply its teachings. The Book of Mormon is such a

remarkable book. I love reading it.

The South Coast Zone has been great. We've got some high, faith

testing goals this month and we are going to try and see how far we

can all push each other to help the mission acheive its goals. One

thing we are going to try to do. I got the idea from our family's

tradition. We're going to do "A Christmas gift for Christ." At our

meeting on friday we're going to have our missionaries write down one

gift they are going to give to christ this month to improve themselves

as missionaries and to help the mission to acheive its goals. I think

it will be great. We are also going to be showing this documentary

that Johnny Jackson showed everyone in Elders Quorum called Marathon

Monks. Check it out. Its crazy.

Well I think thats about it for this week. I hope you all have a great

week. This is the last week of another transfer here in Wollongong. I

dont know whats going to happen this one. We'll find out Saturday

night. Love you all. Catch yas.

Elder Nelson

What up hommies? We had a sweet as week. We've got some crazy happenings

over here in the Gong. First of all I have a new companion! His name is

Elder Tamatafaarere. serious thats his name. I'll give you three

tries to say his name right and if you get it right then I'll uhhh shower

you with missionary blessings...ha :). He's from the beautiful island of

Tahiti. Now some of you may be wondering at this time: "What happened to

Elder Kerr?  Anyways Elder T is

with me because we have some French speaking investigators from Africa and

since Elder T is from Tahiti his native language is French so he's our

secret weapon. Man you should see this guy. He is Massive!! I'm serious.

Wait until you see pictures. He's taller than me and about four times the

size of me. Massive as Tahitian. Its pretty fun walking around with him and

seeing peoples reactions. No one has yelled at us since hes been here. Hmmm

interesting. He almost broke our investigators couch too! He's a great

missionary and we're actually from the same intake so we'll go home at the

same time. Tonight we've got some appointments with some French speaking

Africans. Haha I thought it was pretty funny when Elder T. first came here

because we just went African hunting. We just drove around looking for Black

people. Its been awesome. They are so humble.

So Elder Kerr is fine. He's in Campbelltown with Elder Williams. He gets to

hang with Elder Stringam today so he's lucky. Yesterday was an exciting day.

I was priviledged enough to give Johnathan the Holy Ghost. You shouldve seen

him. He came to church in a suit and tie. Man he looked spiffy. He's so

solid right now I hope he stays that way. Now Stephanie is a different

story. Hopefully the ward really picks up their feet now and

helps Johnathan to stay strong in the church and helps Stephanie to come


But, that wasn't the only reason why church was good. We had a few

investigators there! I've told you before but we always struggle getting

investigators to church. I dont know why its gotta be so hard! But

everything paid off this week when Triston and Jacob came to church. I've

told you about Triston eh? He's doing so awesome!! I reckon he'll get

baptized. He already believes that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

This was just the first time hes come to church and he loved it! He also

just wants to learn more first before he gets baptized but I reckon we'll be

setting a baptismal date with him soon. Also you know Jacob, our Greek

Orthodox friend? Well he came to church too! He got fired from his job! Can

you believe that? I've never heard of a Priest getting fired! Haha oh but I

shouldnt laugh. He's pretty tore up about it. This means he has to go back

to Greece. But Elder Kerr and I feel like this was an answer to our prayers

because since he got fired he had that opprotunity to come to church. He

loved it too. Your probably thinking like many others that he got fired

because he's been meeting with us but I dont see why he would tell anyone

that he's been meeting with us and we've only been meeting with him at his

house so I dont know what happened.

So that was our week. It was a really fun week. We've had many many miracles

happen. Its been so fun finding and teaching the investigators in this area.

I love it here. Even though sometimes it is frustrating I've probably worked

harder in this area than in my other two areas so its been very fulfilling.

I love you all. I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is

the only true church upon this church and I'm thankful for the priesthood

and the saving ordinances we are able to perform because that authority. I

know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Cheers as. FA!

Elder Nelson

(I assume this is Jacob in the picture with Elder Nelson and Elder Kerr)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bitter Sweet Week

G'day Mates!

Fair Dinkum its good to hear from you all haha. Elder Kerr and I had a Bitter sweet week this week. It was a roller coaster ride but in the end it was really good. I should be used to riding this roller coaster by now though eh? We saw many many miracles this week. This week we smashed our record of the number of investigators we find in a week. We found 15 new investigators this week. 15!! Thats INSANE for us. It was crazy as haha. I'm sure in some of the South American missions they find like 30 or something ridiculous like that but 15 was heaps for us. You can probabaly recall me whining about how we cant find investigators and its really hard to find investigators(which it is) but man I've never taught so many first lessons(Restoration) in a week than I did this week. It was so exciting!! I honestly cant really say we did anything different either. haha I know buzz kill as. I wish there was a secret formula like you pray for 30 min straight then fast for 17 and a half hours and then talk to a certain number of people a day and then BAM you have a new investigator but it doesnt work that way. The Great Sydney Mission has a new policy though. It expected of us to do at least 2 hours of Street contacting or tracting, or both, a day. We were doing that before but I guess now it is an even more sacred time of the day. Me and Elder Kerr have been as diligent as possible and thankfully the Lord has blessed us with people to teach. At the beginning of the week we found quite a few potentials and by the end of the week we had turned most of those people into new investigators. The most exciting new investigator experience we had this week is we found a family!! YAY! WOO! It was a very cool experience. They are Burmese! Cool eh? Luckily the Young man Paulian that I GQ'd on the street speaks pretty good english. They like us a lot, they said "Your white, we're black but we both love Jesus. That makes us family." So cool. By the way they have 9 in their family and the youngest child is 9 haha. So they are ALL baptism age! It was the first experience on my mission where I have taught a whole family at once with the Father and Mother listening too. We got to know one another and then we watched Finding Faith in Christ. The spirit was sweet. Elder Kerr and I bore strong testimony of the Divinity of Christ and also of the Restoration. We also told them that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, messengers of truth. And that our message is that there is a living prophet today Thomas S. Monson and Twelve Apostles again on the Earth. Everything was very new to them but they are curious to learn more. We'll be seeing them again this week. We had another similar experience this week with an African family too. But it will take too long to telll you that one as well.

So there was a lot of sweet experiences we had this week. The bitter ones was we didnt get anyone to church and when you dont get an investigator to church everything just sucks pretty much. Also we found out that the church has no gospel material in Burmese so its gonna be tough trying to teach the Naulak family. Darn. But I know that the spirit will be there and if they open their hearts the spirit will flow in and they will recieve a witness of the Restoration too. Another Sweet experience we had was we gave two chapel tours. I love giving chapel tours. I like to think of it how when you get a new house you just want to show everyone and you love living there and you love visiting there. Well the chapel is the Lord's house and he's left it up to us to show the rest of Heavenly Father's children where His house is, whats inside and why we love going there every sunday. We gave a chapel tour to one of our members Mum who hasnt listened to the missionaries since her son (bro. blundell) decided to get baptised. So we were the lucky ones to really introduce her to the church. She loved the chapel tour and we gave her a Book of Mormon in Indonesian.(not just for fun she actually really is Indonesian). Also I found out she loves music so at the end of the chapel tour we all went into the chapel and I sang a hymn for her. I sang How Great thou Art and I made sure that she followed along with the words because the words are so beautiful. I love that hymn. That was a sweet moment. I also had another opprotunity to sing a hymn to a Priest and Bishop from the Greek Orthodox church BUT that will just have to be a story for another day :). I love you all. This church. Is God's church. I know that is true. Latas!

Elder Nelson


I dont have much time because I have already taken forever because I decided to write a novel. Holy cow. This week was very exciting though. So many stories to tell but so little time. Well I just wanted to say how FREAKING EXCITED I WAS READING THOSE EMAILS TODAY AND LOOKING AT THOSE PICTURES!!! Man......I miss you all heaps as. But its all sweet I got work to do. Thank you for bringing such great news! Bryce you are a monster! Keep up the good work. Stephen that picture of you singing in the Football gear. Sexy. haha. Nah thats cool as though. You must be getting heaps of "fans" if ya know what I mean. Mum i'm so proud of you for giving that talk and it sounds like it went really well. Christin and her family look so good. Dad you are a legend. I already told my companion your building "Zion the New Jerusalem which shall be built upon the American continent" as we speak. haha. Thats really cool though. Wow so many blessings! I dont think I can even count them all. Oh by the way Johnathan's getting baptized this weekend! Get excited! Hopefully satan backs off. Or else I'll have to bust a cap in his Ace hahaha. Well times up gotta go Love ya all. Stephen i'll write you. cya

Monday, November 1, 2010

Music to my ears!

G'day Mates!

Happy Halloween!! Sounds like you had a great weekend of fun! For Halloween we went to Kiri Perusco's house(she's in our ward) and she had her house all decorated and she had made us some dinner with a red velvet cake that had fake spiders all over it. We had a good time with them. We had some trick or treaters stop by as we were eating too so I took the opprotunity and gave the little kids some treats as they came to the door. Pass a long cards!!! haha jk I really gave them treats and I thought it was funny because they probably thought my proselyting clothes was just a costume. Aussies dont really celebrate halloween its lame as.

Transfers are here and I'm getting transferred toooo..... the South Island, New Zealand Mission!!! Can you believe it?? I guess they really need missionaries over there and I was first draft pick so ya know they just NEED ME...haha jokes! Mum you believed it eh? Gulible as. But transfers really have come and gone and it was sad to see Elder Stringam go. He was a great companion and I learned a lot from him. Great missionary. He went to the Samoan Ward in Campbelltown haha. He's gonna get MASSIVE! This is his first time serving in an Islander ward plus he's going home soon so they are gonna stuff him to the rafters. And he's not the skinniest missionary either. Poor guy. Bless his heart.(seriously he'll be in danger of a heart attack). I'm still in the Gong and my new companion is Elder Kerr from Las Vegas. So far so good. He knows his scriptures really well and he's a good teacher. I'm supposed to train him as a Zone Leader. Hopefully all goes well. He's been out 6 weeks less than me. I love new beginnings I have so many things that I want to improve on this transfer. Like I want to memorize more scriptures. Thats one of my main ones. I'm excited for this transfer.

So Johnathan is doing pretty well. We had a great lesson this past week. He's been praying a lot and he's been thinking a lot about quitting drinking and he decided that he is!(took him long enough) We've set another date with him for the 20th of November so hopefully all goes well. Pray for him please? He seems pretty set on it though. He works heaps too so we only get to see him once a week which is a bummer. We're really blessed to have the investigators we have right now. We're gonna do our best to get them to church and help them to progress so they can enter into the waters of baptism.

We had Zone Conference this past week. It was great! I learned a lot. President taught us about Planning by the spirit and also beginning our teaching with power and authority. Preach My Gospel style. By the way if the family could get in a habit of studying a bit from preach my gospel every other week or something I think that would be a good idea. Let me know what you think. Elder Iongi and I did a musical number for Zone Conf. too. So fun. I played guitar to Onward Christian Soldiers. Elder Iongi sang the first verse in Tongan, I sang the 2nd verse in English, we sang the 3rd verse in Tongan a capella while harmonizing because Elder Iongi is a fantastic singer and can just bust it out like that and then we repeated the "chorus" at the end and sang the last time in English and Tongan combined. Elder Iongi's family owns the biggest music company in Tonga and all of his family are amazing singers so I felt very priviledged to be able to sing with him. He's also a great missionary. I'm sad he moved areas. We had a lot of fun singing together. I also had the opprotunity to be the chorister for Zone Conference and that was a sweet experience as well. The spirit was so strong as we sang How Firm a Foundation as an army of God. Especially as we sang the 7th verse which reads "I'll Never NO Never No Never forsake." I got major chills up and down my spine as the missionaries sang that which great conviction and feeling. I love music. I've had so many spiritual experiences on my mission tied to music. I'm also so excited that Stephen (and I know Bryce has in the past) took the opprotunity to step out of his comfort zone to find another talent that the Lord has given him and practiced that talent. I cant wait until the day they we can all sing together. And I know that when that day comes we will also be singing praises to our Father in Heaven for his goodness and mercy.

I love you all and I thank Heavenly Father every day to be apart of this great work of saving souls.

"We'll sing and we'll shout with the armies of heaven, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb."

Elder Nelson


Sounds like Halloween was fun. That sounds pretty awesome that Dan and Darcie might be our neighbors how fun would that be! I'll look for some clothes to buy here. Hopefully I can find some cheap ones. Thank you for also sending your story of your dream. What an amazing dream to have. Almost as good as the Vision of the Tree of Life! good. haha. Thanks for the pictures they were great. I just thinking about that last part of your email and the more I think about it the more I think I definitely needed to grow up where I did but maybe stephen and bryce really need to grow up there. It makes me so happy that they are having so many opprotunities to grow their talents too. You'll do great on that talk in Ogden. Just follow the spirit and BE YOURSELF!!! :). Well I better go. Love ya.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be of good cheer the Elders are here

G'day Everyone!

How ya goin? I hope everyone is doin alright. Elder Stringam and I had a pretty interesting week. First of all, Johnathan isnt getting baptized on this next weekend....AWwwww....yup...BUT the story is pretty good. So we went to teach him this week and LAST week when we committed him to be baptized we left him 2 Nephi 31 to read and ponder about. Its all about baptism. Go figure. Good news was he read it! We left him a homework assignment so that he could focus on key doctrine and recieve his own personal revelation from the scriptures. The bad news was thats exactly what happened!! haha jk...sorta. He read and he answered the questions perfectly and we were so excited! And they we asked him if he learned anything else. He said well I read and I noticed this scripture that said "After you are baptized you must keep the commandments(quoting Johnathan)." He said he wasnt ready to be baptized yet because him and his friends like to go to the pub and have social drink while they go watch the horse races. Gotta love Australia. Serious Buzz kill but at the same time we were very excited that he recieved that revelation and felt that it was important for him to keep the commandments. After he told us why he wasnt ready we taught him the rest of the Plan of Salvation so he completely understood the purpose of life and then we taught him the Word of Wisdom. We followed it up with: When are you going to quit drinking? He was like Ah well II've been thinking about it and I really want to get baptized but I'm thinking a couple years I'll be ready. ha...ha....yeeeeaaah. In my head I was like ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??! But calmly I taught about SATAN. haha. I will say that one of the strongest times in my mission where I've felt the spirit speaking through me was while I was teaching Johnathan about the reality of the Adversary. I spoke from the bottom of my heart(It almost made water come out of my face!) and I testified to Johnathan that we loved him. Heavenly Father loves him. The commandments are there to bring us happiness. When we keep them we will be ready to be recieved into a state of NEVER ENDING happiness. I told him that satan is real. And that He will do EVERYTHING in his power to keep Johnathan from truly being happy and from keeping the commandments. I told him straight up that sometimes satan will decieve us and say to us " could probably keep that commandment but isnt it so much for fun to just go drink with your friends. Just wait a couple years. Then you'll be ready." He got the point. He came to Stake Conference with us which was great and we're going to see him in a couple of days to see what conclusion he's come to. We told him to pray about it.

On another note we've got a mean new investigator Nathan. I'll have to tell you his whole story another time but we had a powerful Restoration lesson with him just yesterday. By the way we're emailing today because we went to the temple today. We are going to Zone Conference tomorrow. I'm so excited!

Another awesome experience we had this week is we met up with a Less active member of the church who has been meeting with the Jehovah's Witness'. yeah. We taught her the Restoration and the spirit just smashed her...with love :). It was sweet as. Long story short at the end of our lesson she said "I need to call the Jehovah's Witness' and tell them to not come anymore. I want to come back to church so that I can take the Sacrament again." SO AWESOME! One point for the Mormons!! haha.

Well I love you all heaps. We are seeing a lot of miracles lately. Pray for Johnathan. I think he knows that if he gets baptized he'll have to make a lot of changes in his life and that scares him. He even asked me about tattoos at Stake Conference. Have a good week. "Be of good cheer!"

Elder Nelson

(Note: You better proofread my emails before you forward them)

Mum, The house looks great. I wish they celebrated Halloween here. So lame they dont. Well some people do. Not really though. We should just go trick or treating as mormon missionaries. haha. Good on Bryce for finishing strong. He'll do great in wrestling. Take it easy though Bryce dont get too big of a head. You'll be great though. What a stud. Yeah it wouldve been awesome to have done Football but thats alright. Remember when I almost did it for Senior year? That wouldve been good I shouldve stuck to it. Its all good though I love my music and I still love to play basketball. I like Rugby too. Sounds like Dinner with Katie and Cassie was good. Man sounds like Cassie was trying to be Miss Impress haha. Dont let her know I said that!!! Her letters are always awesome but to be completely honest I cant really see myself ever marrying her. She's cool as but yeah I dont know. She's a good friend. Katie said she's scared? She'd be a gun missionary. Its true you get over the talking to people way quick you just gotta get really submerged in the work. Its a great feeling to be able to just talk to anyone and not worry about getting offended even though they might cuss at you. By the way I hate to say this but my clothes are falling apart. One of the pairs that I bought with the money that I got from Trudy and Don is still alright but the other ones...weeeelll....lets just butt is huge. haha a massive hole ripped in the butt. yeah....i know. So I was thinking you should send me a pair of black blue dickies because they are cheap. What do you think? Also my right proselyting shoe of my Eccos is ripping on the right side because I'm such a hard worker. Its not looking too good clothes wise at the moment. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I havent heard from Sophia for months. I heard from Denisa again and she always sends me gum haha. explain your dream about the mountain again? I remember some of it but what was the meaning behind it? By the way I used one of your dreams for a lesson the other day. Remember the dream you had where you were driving down the highway and all those accidents were happening around you but you felt safe? Yeah that one. Good luck with the job! Well I better go. Catch ya lata.

Work, Work, Work

G'day Everyone!

Thanks heaps for your thoughts and prayers towards me and Elder Stringam's work this week. And every week! It paid off :). WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH JOHNATHAN VARLOW!!!!! Wooooo! So awesome. He has committed to be baptized on the 30th of December. But we just found out that another baptism in the ward is happening for an eight year old child so we might have to change it. dangit. BUT WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We're feeling really blessed too because we've been on a serious roller coaster lately with our investigators. Let me tell you how it all went down. So we've taught Johnathan a lot on the Restoration and we've helped him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to ask God if it is His word. He's told us that he's been doing that and in past lessons he said he was "starting to believe that it is true." I told you he loved General Conference right? Good ol Henry haha. Well we started teaching him about the Plan of Salvation and we had prayed beforehand in our companionship study if we should commit him to be baptized and when? Well we felt like he was ready so we taught him about what the purpose of life is from Alma 34:32 and we explained to him that the "labors" that we need to do to prepare to meet God is: Have FAITH in Jesus Christ; REPENT of our sins; BE BAPTIZED for the remission of our sins; recieve the GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST; and ENDURE TO THE END. We taught that this was OUR purpose as missionaries to help people to come unto christ and to follow His gospel. We asked him "Do you feel that your faith has been strengthened as you've met with us? He said yes, definitely. Do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God? "yes" again. We asked "why do you believe that he is a prophet?" He answered "because I read the Book of Mormon and I believe that its true." We were really excited by this point and we knew that the spirit was strong so we testified boldly that it IS true and God has witnessed to him through the Holy Ghost that it is. We also testified that the Authority to Baptize was restored to the earth when Peter, James and John visited Joseph Smith and laid their hands upon his head. We taught that Baptism is for the washing away of sins and that it is the "gateway" to enter into the kingdom of God. Then we asked the question: "Johnathan will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" He said yes!! He was very confident in his answer too. Man I was so excited I just promised blessings like mad and told him that this was the greatest and one of the most important decisions he will ever make in his life. That was on Saturday. Man saturday was a great day because the beginning of our week was pretty rough. Another cool thought I had was, Johnathan is 18. What if he decides to go on a mission? That would be awesome.

We also found another great investigator on saturday too, Renee. Elder Stringam taught her in the past but then they lost contact with her for awhile. Her partner is a Less Active member and he's a famous Rugby player. He plays for the Rabbitohs. Cool Guy. If you want to look him up his name is Junior VaiVai. We're having dinner with him on thursday. Cool fun fact: Russel Crowe owns the Rabbitohs team so he works really close with the teammates. cool eh? Maybe I can get a Russel Crowe meeting and just baptize him on the spot haha wouldnt that be awesome??

Well what can I say? I'm a happy as missionary. I love this work. Its hard sometimes of course but I have a testimony that when we are diligent, faithful and obedient and that we make sure that we do "ALL THAT WE CAN DO" the Lord will handle the rest. I cant emphasize that enough. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. There is great power in that Book. It truly is the keystone of our religion. I know that God hears our prayers. He answers them. He loves us. We cant comprehend His love for us. We are His Children. He wants us to be obedient so that we can enjoy the blessings that He enjoys. He wants us to have Eternal Life. To live with Him again. He's given us temples so that as our families are sealed we can have the peace and joy knowing that our families, whom we love dearly, can truly be together forever. I thank my Heavenly Father for the knowledge that he has given me of the Restored Gospel. To Be apart of His Church. We have a living prophet today Thomas S. Monson. He is my hero. "I know that My Redeemer lives what comfort this sweet sentence gives." There is nothing that gives me more joy that these truths. I love you all heaps AS haha. Catch ya latas.

Elder Nelson

Mum, Thanks for the pics and the email. I know it takes a lot of your time but it so refreshing to get emails like you sent this week. Thanks for being a good missionary mum. I'm so proud of you for accepting that opprotunity to speak to those Young Women! I'm not gonna lie at the beginning of my mission I wouldve expected you to turn that down. But its SOOOO envigorating to hear how my family is growing as I am learning to grow as well. You'll be great and I think that it will be a good wrap up to all these changes and happenings that you've been having in your life lately. The fact that you've already had a lot of thoughts come to you too tells me that the Holy Ghost is really pushing you to do it too. I know for a fact that Dad is really happy that your doing this too. If he hasnt told you that already. Tell Stephen that I'm so thankful for his service, for focusing on "the things that matter most." He's a better man than I was at his age. Thanks for setting a good example for Bryce too. Cheers as. I hope Dad finds a job. I know he will soon. I've been praying everyday that both of you do. Good luck getting this job you want. Tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the letter and I wrote them back. Have fun with Cassie and Katie tell them I said hi! They are so funny. Well I better go. Talk to ya next week! FA!

Elder Nelson

Monday, October 11, 2010


G'day Mateys!

General Conference was awesome eh? I felt like President Monson was heaps more intense than he usually is. Especially during Priesthood Session. Maybe you noticed a different theme but the main theme I noticed during most of conference was Moral Agency. The gift to choose but not the choice of consequences. I loved President Monson's opening remarks as well. Do you remember? " I want to mention something very near and dear to my heart....MISSIONARY WORK." He encouraged all young men to prepare and to DECIDE to serve a full time mission. I hope you heard that part Stephen and Bryce. I felt the spirit so strong during the Conference. There were many talks where I felt the Lord speaking straight to me through his servants. They truly are chosen of God

Our investigators are doing okay. We really need to find some more. Johnathan came to church though! Did I tell you about him? We found him street contacting in town awhile back and we've been really trying to get him to come to church but he's been called into work the past couple of weeks so thats been a problem. But, he finally got a week off and he was able to come. He came to the Sunday morning session and he really liked President Eyrings talk. He's looking for an answer to his prayer right now if Jospeh Smith is a prophet of God or not. We're doing all we can to help him to get that answer. He's been reading from the Book of Mormon lately. Maybe he's already received it I dont know. We'll find out soon I hope. Our other investigators right now are mainly Majit, Donna, and Jackie. We're a bit on the fence about them. They are up and down and we're not sure if they are really as solid as they seem. I just hope and pray that we can do "all that we can do" so that the Lord can do the rest. I'm grateful for these struggles though because I know that the Lord is trying to teach me something and I just need to figure out what it is. Maybe its patience again. Man I thought I learned that lesson already!! haha just kidding.

We had some great training this week in Sydney. It was a time of a great revelation and I was also able to understand how I can improve my teaching skills.

I had an experience during the couple days of training when I misplaced my badge. I found out later that another missionary friend of mine had pick pocketed me and decided to hide it for awhile. But after I got my badge back I noticed how I felt when I thought I had lost it. I was very worried, anxious and upset. I love my badge and I love wearing the name of the Saviour of the World upon my chest. I dont even want to think about the day that I will have to take it off. After I found out who took my badge I proceded to beat the living day lights out of him haha jk.

I'm working hard and doing my best. I know that if I am diligent in all things then the Lord will show me what to do. But I'm thankful for your insight, Dad, on priesthood session. I love hearing about the spiritual experiences that my family is having at home. I think that I need to follow the example more of President Eyring when he shared how he always says "what would thou have me do?" in his prayers. I know that I need to work on praying more fervently. Or as Moroni explains it "with all the energy of heart"(Moroni 7:48). The promises in that scripture are massive. If we pray with all the energy of heart we will be filled with his love and WE WILL BE LIKE HIM. I paraphrased heaps but I love that scripture. I'm so grateful to have a living prophet today and 12 apostles. They are great examples of disciples of christ and people who "submit their will to the Father." I know that they would never say or teach anything that wasnt what our Father in Heaven wants us to hear. I also know that if we do our best to repent and apply what they taught then we will be protected from the chaos around us, our faith will be strengthened and we will have more peace and joy. Let us all be examples of the believers. Love ya all heaps! Cheers as.

Elder Nelson

Dad, Thanks heaps for giving me your feedback on Priesthood session. I really enjoyed your words. I loved priesthood session and I realized that I have a lot to improve on. I also felt pretty guilty from past experiences that you and I had. I think it was Larry R. Lawrence's talk that hit me the hardest. Remember the story he told when he told his son not to take the trip he wanted to take? Sound familiar? Yeah except I wasnt as humble as his son was. Lets just say I've been doing a lot of repenting on my mission. I hope Stephen and Bryce heed to you and Mum's words more than I did. I'm sorry for my pride and arrogance. I'll do my best to be a good example when I get home. Its interesting you've been praying for my companion and I to work well together. We havent been fighting or anything and we actually get along great personality wise but I guess there are a few ways that I'd like to be a little more unified. But, she'll be alright mate( as the Aussies say). We havent had any dramas. By the way when Elder Nelson asked all the missionaries to stand in Priesthood session I was standing tall and proud especially with the thought in mind that you and stephen and Bryce were there.

Mum, you asked me about souvenirs. Well there is this member guy who sells a lot of souvenirs to missionaries and he has a website: Go here and tell me what you like. He'll be gone till March but you could still email him and stuff. I have his email. I hope you find the job you want. I'm excited to hear the family's new goals. I started to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning again too. Thanks for you love and prayers. I've been thinking about Tabbatha lately. How is she? I love you mum but I think I'm gonna have stephen pick out the shirt for Elder Modlik. NO OFFENSE!!! hahaha but Stephen knows whats cool. So stephen can you pick out a shirt? I know we dont live in California anymore but a simple California shirt would be sweet as. Just one idea: isnt In N out in Utah now? Dont they have shirts? I'm sad to hear that Michael Smith is home already. That would be so hard. Especially since he wasnt out that long. How long was he out? He must be gutted as. Poor guy. Good on em for serving honorably though.

WOOOOOHOOOOO THATS AWESOME THAT SPRINGVILLE IS #1!!!! Elder Sermersheim is gonna freak hahaha. He's from SF. He'll probabaly cry. We've been talking crap all week.....and placing bets hahahaha he owes me lunch!!! haha. I'm so proud of my brothers!! SKUX AS! You two are animals. I'm proud that you decided to stick with Football Bryce. Your a legend. Keep up being studly. Well I better go. ttyl

Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference Saturday

G'day Mi Familia!

YA ever heard of an Mexican Australian? yeah me neither. So I'm really excited for General Conference. My companion put it brilliantly "General Conference is the Superbowl for Missionaries." True as. I gotta wait till the end of the week though. I'll look out for President Utchdorf's and Elder Hollands. I think my favorite speakers are Elder Bednar, Holland and of course all of the first presidency but I really like when Elder Bednar speaks.

Well we had a great and marvelous week in this great and marvelous work. Let me tell you a story( Tell Stephen and Bryce they better read this one): Our investigator Donna is a middle aged woman with 4 kids and one is old enough to live on his own.  We went to Donna's to set up another appointment with her on monday and see how she was going. We found out that her 9 year old son Darren was really sick and thats why she couldnt come to church last sunday. He's had a lot of problems with his asthma and on the day we saw them he got a case of tonsilitis. He was curled up on the couch with a big warm blanket wrapped around him. He was coughing and moaning while he was trying to get some sleep. While we talked to Donna about Darren's condition I felt the Holy Ghost speak to me and say "ummm you have the priesthood....use it!" (the holy ghost is pretty cheeky man). So I esplained to these Non members that we have been given authority from God to give blessings to the sick just as Jesus Christ and his Apostles did when He was on the earth and that we would love to give Darren a blessing. She happily agreed. Elder Stringam anointed and I sealed the blessing. We left the house with a prayer in our hearts that Darren would recover quickly. The next day I called Donna to confirm our appointment that we had set up and she said " You two must've worked a miracle last night because Darren woke up this morning perfectly fine! He's running around the house and driving me crazy!" HHHHAAAAAAA(Angles singing). I cant tell you how excited I was!! Elder Stringam and I took part in a miracle!! They expected Darren to be sick for weeks since Tonsilitis usually gets in your system and makes you even more sick. Donna recognized it as a miracle and her partner( who claims he's an atheist) was spooked out of his mind haha. When we met with Donna later she told us that Darren said " I felt their hands on my head and they felt so big and warm." Yeah I dont know about you but I dont think those were our hands. President Utchdorf's talk on "You are my hands" comes to mind. I'm so overwhelmed by the thought of how much Heavenly Fathers loves each of his children. I'm so grateful to be apart of this great work and to be able to witness so many great and marvelous things here in Australia. I'm so blessed to be a bearer of His Holy Priesthood and I hope that I will never take it for granted and always be worthy to hold it. I know that the Priesthood was restored through the prophet joseph smith and that worthy men of our time are able to use it to serve our family, friends, and brothers sisters around us whether they are members of the church or not. I love the feeling of serving others and I that It is true when King Benjamin declared " when ye are in the service of your fellow men ye are only in the service of your God". Love ya all heaps. Keep up the missionary work. Catch ya!

Elder Nelson

Dad, so first question. what are you thoughts on priesthood session? I havent seen it yet but I'd like to hear your thoughts next week. I'm so excited to hear that Stephen and Bryce will be going with you. How cool will it be when we can all go together?! Also my District Leader is from Spanish Fork. His name is Colton Semersheim. His mum's name is Jane Johnson. Did you know any Johnsons? Just curious. Well I better go. We're going to Zone Leader Council today and then we have two more days of Leadership Training. Leadership training is always awesome. Its like the MTC again! Did you have to send a pic of you and mum kissing?? I mean cmon! I dont need to see that okay?! jeez. Oh my gosh there is this guy that is talking to one of your missionaries right now and complaining that he cant get a wife. He told him to pray about it haha. what a bogen dude. Our Footie team here, St. George Illawarra Dragons won the Grand Final so everyone is pretty stoked (and drunk). ITS AWESOME! Okay well I better go. Cu

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Far and wide his love proclaim

Another great week in the work of the Lord. We had some great experiences this week. We took our investigator Magid on a tour of the chapel which was pretty awesome. He found it to be very interesting and then we had a long discussion about the Restoration of the gospel.  He really wants to know if Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today and he recognized himself that if he truly wants to know then our Heavenly Father will manifest the truth to him through sincere prayer. Our investigator Johnathan also came for a chapel tour. Johnathan is harder to teach because he is very shy and we're not really sure if hes just telling us what we want to hear whenever we ask him questions but so far he seems to really want to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We've got a few other investigators that we are working with too but there isnt really much to report on at the moment. So we have a lot of great potential we just have to listen to the spirit and discern what our investigators really need so they can also come unto Christ.  We've been focusing a lot lately on chapel tours because we have been really struggling with getting our investigators to church.  Unfortunately Magid and Johnathan didnt come to church but a miracle happened! Joyce came to church! Remember our African friend I told you about? Well she showed up to church with the Kawa family and so we taught Joyce near the baptismal font during the second hour. The spirit was very strong in the lesson. We found out that we lost her before because she felt there was no need in her getting baptized again. Obviously she doesnt understand the Restoration fully so we back tracked and retaught the Restoration as plain and straightforward as we possibly could and she finally understood. Joyce said well I believe that MAY be true but I will have to ask God and we didnt hesitate to agree. So we prayed with her on the spot three times. We prayed three times because we tried to explain to her that if we are specific and clear on our questions to our Heavenly Father then he can be just as clear on His answer. After the third time she prayed finally with clear questions she told us that she needed more time. We didnt wanted to push her so we committed her to continue to pray and read from the Book of Mormon and hopefully we'll be able to follow up with her during the week to see how its been going.  I also would like to add my testimony that that is true. Heavenly Father loves us and he wants us to be happy. If we have a question or if we need his help we just need to ask him. "Ask and ye shall receive." Of course he knows our thoughts and the intents of our hearts but he wants us to act upon our faith by asking him in prayer.
This week I was also asked by a member about my experience of being set apart. Man it brought back so many memories!! I'm thankful that she asked me that though because it really helped me to really reflect on my mission so far and what being set apart really meant to me. I love being a missionary. It is the greatest feeling. I remember when dad asked me at the beginning of my mission "Do you find yourself smiling for no reason? Loving life and loving knowing that your exactly where the Lord wants you to be ALL the time?"  And I do! I really felt that this week and I really want to make sure that I never take my time here for granted. I'm so grateful for the opprotunity that the Lord has given me to serve among his children, for trusting me to hold His Holy Priesthood and to teach His children the Gospel so that they may also be able to return to live in His presence. "Called to serve Him, Heavenly King of Glory. Chosen e'er to witness for His name. Far and wide we'll tell the Father's story. Far and wide His love proclaim. Onward ever onward as we glory in His name, Onward ever onward as we glory in his name, Forward pressing Forward as a triumph song we sing, God our strength will be press forward ever called to serve our King."
Elder Nelson
Thats so exciting that we're going to be building our own house!! When do reckon you'll start? Stephen! Your an animal! Take it easy! Can I be your cheerleader?? GO STEPHEN HE's OUr MAN IF HE CANT DO IT NO ONE CAN!! GoooooOOOOO STEPHEN!! WOOOOOOOooooOOO. Yup. So Bryce....whats with the chicks?...What did you say to them Mum? I wouldve been like Um hey Brittany spears and Lindsey Lohan why dont you take a hike okay?? old are you again?? like 5? Woses. Anyway thats just ridiculous. I'll be the door monitor when I come home.
Man I wish we wouldve had Sadie Hawkins dances in Sactown! Thats so fun. Dont worry stephen your time will come. How weird would that be going on a double date with my brother......uhhhhhh.....yeah.
To answer your questions I love my area and my investigators. I dont really miss Dee Why. It was fun there but I never really missed it missed it. It was my longest area though. Way to go for helping clean up! Teach those Utards how we do in SActown! Represent!! haha. Okay I gotta go. Catch ya

Monday, September 20, 2010

A message to the fam...


Wow thank you family so muchfor all the emails!! I'm really glad you had so much fun with Denisa Mum. It may not seem like it sometimes but I REALLY look forward to reading your emails every week. So thats why I'm always sad whenever I dont get an email. So are we building our own house? When did this happen? I'm so confused I thought Dad was just starting his business? I'm stoked as though!! Thats way awesome. Yeah I have a few suggestions for my room...I'd like an Ipad installed into the ceiling ummm and definitely a slide going from my room into the pool and ummmm definitely surround sound hooked to my stereo and uhhh yeah and put a slave bell in there with Stephen imprinted on it hahahahahaha. Jokes! so I have no idea...I probably wont be using my room very long anyway right because I'll be on my way to the sealing room hahahahaha. So uh just make it cool. Cool as actually. Game room sounds awesome. I've gotten a little bit better at ping pong so bring it OLd man(thats you dad). Islanders are obsessed with it. You'll have to send me a picture or something with the plans so I can see. I still dont know what I want to do for an occupation but I've been thinking about it and I wouldnt mind if you taught me a thing or two about Carpentry dad. So make sure you save me some work to do. If your gonna send a package mum I dont mind whats in just make sure its american. You know what I like. New ties would be nice. I used most of the money trudy and don sent me and I bought new pants and 5 new shirts. they're great and they were cheap. I still have 70 left. But I'll probably have to buy some new pants because they shrunk a bit and I think I am going to rip them soon. Okay they didnt shrink I'm just fat okay! JeeZ! Take it easy! Anyways sounds like your new callings will be great! hows stephen going on his calling? Good on ya bryce for that smashing tackle! you are my hero. Stephen your my sidekick. HAHA jk. I like the pic you sent of you on your mission mum. I cant believe we're about the same age in that photo. Where is Sister Dunning from? I'd love to get a letter from her! she'll be my new best friend and then she can tell me how you were hitting on all those elders and we can joke about you! Thanks mum :). You are the source of my entertainment. Ta as. Tell Aunt Denisa I said I love her and I look forward to her next letter. I hope she got my letter. I wrote Trudy and Don by the way. I wrote Adam this week too. I miss that guy heaps. I'm sad sister lealau died.  Good on ya for teaching RS mum. Your awesome. Dont worry about people judging you. We're always repenting and getting better anyway. My companions in order are Elder Dean, Summers, Modlik, Bills, Vardeman, Cahigas, and Stringam. Great emails! I love ya heaps as. ttyl.

Stephen, new word is "cake" or "mud". you choose... Elder Tuikolovatu told me in New Zealand they use those words on the street just for laughs when something is lame. Kinda like how we say "thats gay" Ya feel me? Its crack up. so like your football skills....totally cake mate...hahahaahaha. Catch ya lata

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Springtime in O.Z.

G'day Mates!

Well I just got back from the temple. What a train ride. It was a great experience as always! Its springtime in O.Z. and its been raining heaps lately. Man we had the craziest wind storm on saturday night and sunday. I was suprised there wasnt a tornado because our flat was shaking and branches were flying everywhere and our neighbors roof flew off. It was crazy! And no one was at church either because all the old people stayed home and then some people had to tend to their homes so our weekend was interesting.

Sounds like you've had a crazy week too. I'm glad to hear that your talks all went well! GO family go! thats awesome. But theres no going back from not emailing me.... no email = disowned....yeah...haha just kidding.

WOW! Tell Trudy and Don THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Ta as. Of course I'll have to write them too. Man I feel so unworthy but I really appreciate it. I got myself a sweatshirt already. It was on sale for 20 and I had a little extra from my monthly dispersments. The winter was good. Pretty cold but I had enough to keep me warm. haha I'm glad you like the pictures :)

Well I'm not gonna lie we had a pretty bad week. It was mostly because we had heaps of meetings that took up most of our proselyting time but a lot of appointments fell through too. BUT NO WORRIES all is well. We'll just bounce back and smash this week. Yeah buddy. Its gonna be sweet AS. So pretty much tomorrow we have a meeting with the Atheist club. Yeah...for reals. One of the members of our ward used to be apart of the Atheist club at the Wollongong Uni so he talked to the leader and got us an appointment to give a 30min presentation on "Mormonism". We're so stoked! We got one our members to make a power point for us and everything! Pray for us! So other than that we've got high hopes and great investigators. Our Kongo investigators are still going great. David and Fiston had plenty of questions to ask us about the Book of Mormon but after we were able to resolve their concerns we were so excited because we can tell that they really have "real intent" in finding out if the Book of Mormon is the word of God. They are reading right now. We also had a spirit filled lesson with Erin on Thursday about the Restoration and she was so tuned in to what we said. She understands its significance and she is prayerfully reading the Book of Mormon as well. She said she was able to come to church this week but then at the last minute she wasnt able to come because it was Father's Day on Sunday so she had to go into the work earlier :/ HAPPY AUSSIE FATHERS DAY DAD! Well I better go but I love you all and I hope everyones doing alright. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The Foundation of our testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel. "The Book of Mormon is the most correct book of any book on earth and a man will get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book"_Joseph Smith (quoted by Elder Stringam because he has it memorized). Miss you heaps! Take it easy! Alua

Elder Nelson

Mum, well now that I consider you apart of my family tree again....haha JOKES! so yeah I'm pretty much sick of hearing about how much of a stud Stephen is...WHat....about Who does that sound like? Yeah. stephen. haha crack up as. Beware the me monster. Anyways I just wanted to say sup and I love the pictures. I know you sent the pictures just because you were trying to suck up. They are great though.  I pray for you guys every day. Bryce! You are one good lookin kid. Keep the girls far away. I havent heard from Adam for awhile actually. I cant remember who wrote who last but I should probably write him. I got the letter from Kelsey. THANKS KELSEY! Good pics too. Mum take it easy on the souvenirs alright. We've got plenty of time! Your trunky as. I pretty much already know what I'm gonna get you all you just gotta tell me what my price range is. Catch ya!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open your mouth! I am! But nothing is coming out...

G'day Everyone!

I didnt get an email from you this week but I hope everything is alright. Everything is great here. We had a blessed as week. Remember our new investigator from Kongo? Well he has a bunch of his family living with him here and when we went over to teach him this past week and we found out that the rest of his family was interested too! It was really exciting. We were teaching their whole family all at once. Its mostly him and his siblings but some of them have kids too. It was my first experience teaching a non member family all at once. So that was sweet. Did you know people from Kongo speak French? Man it blew my mind that they were speaking French. After that on the same day Elder Stringam and I were with a member, Johnny, and our appt fell through so Elder Stringam was prompted to go see this Less Active family that we've been trying to see since we came into this area. Well we caught them finally and we found that Bro. Norrisons wife had returned from America and she wasnt a member so we began to teach her too! This week was a week of miracles and it was quite humbling too because it helped me to realize again that we are just the instruments and the Lord has complete control over this work.

I've been sick with a cold this past week and I lost my voice for a couple days. It was so stupid. How the heck can you be a missionary and not be able to talk?? Believe me its impossible. Unless you are sent to a Sign Language mission. The few times that I tried to get involved with teaching and finding I ended up just sounding like a dying animal and instead of them asking us Oh can I learn more about Jesus Christ? They were asking us Do you need some Medicine? You want some water? "Okay Cut! tell him man.....I'm not gonna tell alright charlie? want some water?"-Brian Reagan. I got no sympathy from my companion either. He was laughing at me ALL week. haha I guess it was pretty funny but he's a jerk. One funny experience we had was we were driving to an appt and we were stopped at a light and Elder Stringam was laughing at my voice and then at the same time we saw this old man bent at a 90 degree angle doing this power walk with John Stockton Shorts on haha. And at the very moment that we saw him I went to take a drink from my water bottle and I just started busting up laughing and I couldnt stop! The bad thing was that I was driving and I didnt want to spray the steering wheel and the windshield with water so I held it in but ya know when you get at the end of a laugh and you breathe in? Well yeah I got to that point and there was water in the way so pretty much I just started drooling out water because I was still laughing and I was trying to inhale at the same time and yeah....pretty much I almost drowned. crack up as.

When I tried to talk and people couldnt understand me they would go what? speak up! What? And it reminded of an experience I had when I was a little lad. "I'd like a small chocolate shake please...?" Thats all I'm gonna say Dad. You finish the story......jerk haha

We got offered to play american football this week. Yeah......I'm gutted I cant play. Just thought I'd bring that up since stephen is Mr. football these days....yeah you think your cool! Well they're trying to recruit me in Australia MATE! yeah buddy....haha jk it wasnt anything big I'm just making it a big deal because I'm trying to boost my self esteem :)....

We taught Sharing time this week. Wow. that was a crazy experience. But so fun. Little kids are so knowledgable of the gospel. There is a great spirit in primary. It also brought to my mind the scripture Mosiah 3:19 how all of us need to submit to God as a child doth submit unto his Father.

That was my week! I hope you have a great week! Love you all! Catch ya

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A family of big heads!

Tell Ryan Busch that I said congratulations on his call. Thats so awesome!! Man Columbia. Thats awesome. I'm guessing he's speaking spanish? Thats so great to hear. Holy Cow stephen take it easy mate! They're just gonna box you up and send you to the NFL soon. What team would you play for? Thats so great to hear that your doing so well. I cant wait to see you in action! Good luck on your talk too! I know you'll do great! I gave a talk yesterday on Faith in Jesus Christ and I decided to mix it up a bit and focus my talk on how Faith is Trust so we must Trust in the Lord with all our heart. I loved preparing for it because I learned so much and I saw some ways that I could strengthen my trust with my Savior. It was funny to me because It also taught me a little more on following the spirit too. I wrote down a few things down that I wanted to say and some scriptures that i could quote in my personal study but during the day I didnt feel right about it so I ended up revising it and writing down some personal experiences that I have had before my mission and on it that have helped me to trust in my Redeemer. After I did that I just knew that that is what I needed to speak on and share and it was a great faith builder to me.
Stephanie Hargrave is getting baptized this week!! YAy!! We're all so excited! she's so ready! She's keeping the word of wisdom and she's reading the Book of Mormon often and praying. We had the relief society presdient come with us to a lesson and we talked about callings and she was like oh I want one! when do I get a calling?? Elder Stringam and I are loving the mission life at the moment and we're just praying and fasting to find new investigators now.
We're having a ward talent show this week too. Its going to be awesome. The Elders Quorum and the Elders will be doing a combined Disco Dance number. Yeah buddy. We'll let you know how it goes.
We just played some basketball at the local gym and it was so fun! I havent played basketball in ages. I hope I can play some intermural(sp) ball while I go to Uni.
Well I love you all and I hope everyone is happy and healthy. Miss ya heaps as! Cheers
Elder Nelson
p.s. MAN! I miss watching stephen and bryce play sports. Stephen you are a skux. remember that word from Elder modlik? SKUX AS! Mum you need to take the ruler and measure how big stephen's head is now haha jk. I hope its not too big but you should be proud of yourself stephen. Keep it up. I see Elder Modlik at all the Zone Leader Councils so thats every month. He's still in Hebersham Zone with Elder Hill. He's been there for like 7 or 8 months now. Oh yeah President Simmons said that Head Quarters in Salt Lake still recognizes us a two missions. I dont know when or if they are going to announce it. Maybe General Conference...? Probably not. Its not that big of a deal. If grandpa is gonna start on that house then that means he'll still be working on it while I graduate from college so I'll be set with a job! YES!! hahaha. I have no idea what school I want to go to. Michael smith was going to UVU and he said it was really good. I wouldnt mind going there. I'll probably just send in a bunch of different applications to different places and see how we go. For now if i had to choose though I'd probably say UVU. And plus Grandpa said that he'd have the theater and pool tables in before I come home so SWEET AS!! haha jk but whats the update on that anyway?Well gotta go. Love you all. have a good week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Courage to Stand Alone

G'day Everybody!
Wow after reading your email this week and seeing the pictures that you sent my heart is just so full of joy. I'm so grateful for this gospel. It truly is the "good news" and glad tidings of great joy. I have never been this consistently happy in my life! But I know it is because I never truly understood the gospel. As I've been on my mission so far I've seen the changes that have taken place in our family and I feel so unworthy of the blessings that have taken place.  But I know that it has happened by our obedience to the commandments and by our willing to submit OUR will to the Father's.
Thats so exciting that Dad had the chance to meet with the Chipparro family. I cant wait to meet them! How awesome is that that you(Dad) got to witness the fruits of your labors. Even though it was AGES ago...old man. haha just kidding. I got an email this week from Muno and Genevieve and they are living in Aukland, New Zealand now. Genevieve is teaching and Muno is doing labor work. They said that they are working on their non member and less active family members and they have a baptism on the way. How exciting is that?! Good call on bringing the mexican caviar mum. It distracted them from actually realizing how weird we really are :). The most exciting thing for me to hear about your experience with the Chipparro family is that I hope it has given our family motivation and inspiration on doing missionary work. The more we become missionary minded the more we will have the spirit in the home and the more we will draw closer to our Savior. I know that is true. The more we will also be following the counsel of our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson too because he has told us to RESCUE THE ONE. Are we following the prophet? Are we focused on the "one"? Who is the ONE for ME today? Where much is given, much is required and since God has blessed us greatly I hope that we will serve him greatly.
Transfers are here! I'm staying in Wollongong! I really like it here. We have a baptismal date with Stephanie Hargrave! She will be getting baptized on the 21 of August! Elder Stringam and I are really excited. She's really solid and she's quit smoking completely. We're still working hard to "Grow the Ward" and find those elect sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.
Quick random fact: I made some new friends in the mission. One of them is a Zone Leader in Liverpool Zone and his name is Elder Mc Conkie....yup....thee Elder McConkie. He's related to Bruce R. McConkie. SWEEEEEET!!! (I cant remember if I told you that already)
Half of this week consisted of meetings meetings meetings but they were really good meetings. They were training meetings and we had some really good experiences being trained on how to be better missionaries and how we can teach with the spirit. I've been humbled SEVERLY haha and I've just realized A LOT of things that I need to improve on. So that is what we are working on in our Zone and the whole mission at the moment. I'm striving to be like unto Ammon. In Alma Ch 18 Ammon teaches King Lamoni with the spirit. He Asks Heaven Sent Questions, Listens with Love, Discerns the Needs of his Investigator(King Lamoni) and then uses Short Powerful Statements of Truth. For example: King Lamoni believes there is a great spirit. Ammon makes sure that he really wants to know what this great spirit is and then simply states " This is God." So I'm striving to be more like Ammon.
There is another thing that has been on my mind a lot lately and its the phrase "Have the courage to Stand Alone." This is actually a quote from my patriarchal blessing that has helped me a lot lately. I just wanted to bring it up because I especially wanted Bryce and Stephen to remember that in hard times sometimes we have to courage to Stand Alone and keep the morals and standards that have been taught to us. I know that if we exercise our faith to stand alone our Heavenly Father will bless us with more courage, faith and confidence that God knows us individually and that he loves us.  I know God lives and Thankful to be his servant. I love the feeling of being his instrument in bringing others unto his Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support and prayers. I miss you and love you all. Take luck!
Elder Nelson

Monday, July 5, 2010

Two lessons and a sparkler

G'day Family and Friends!
Happy 4th of July!!! Man its so weird that a year ago I spent the 4th of July in the MTC and just watched the fireworks go off in the BYU stadium outside our building. Last night to celebrate 4th of July we lit sparklers and Elder Bowles found some Dr. Pepper!! yeah buddy. It was fun. We also played this game called Dont Panic at a members house and that was really fun too. Btw have any of you heard of fried chocolate sandwiches? Yeah I'd NEVER heard of them before but Kiri Perusco, one of our members, made some for us with some ice cream on top and they were delicious! Nice and unhealthy, just how I like it. You know how I do!  Anyways theres also this guy that just moved into our ward. His name is Bro Robert Beesley and he's from Montana and he said he is actually related to Rowleys there!!! Crazy eh?? So could you check on that for me mum and ask Gma Nelson about that? I might be related to this guy! So I'm gonna sound racist but man there are just too many white people here. LOL. Its true. I'm just so used to working with Islanders and you have to work differently with white people. haha but dont get me wrong I love the Aussies. They are so fun and really great members. This week I learned two main lessons that have stuck in my mind. One on speaking by the promptings and power of the Holy Ghost and Faith. First the lesson I learned on Faith is that I know nothing about faith lol. Its something that I need to pray more fervently for and exercise more diligently. While we were teaching our investigator Tony this week we started teaching him the message of the Restoration and as we were sitting there teaching him, with his head down and eyes on his feet I had this strong impression to stop our teaching and just talk to him to see where he was spiritually and see what he wanted to get out of our teaching. So we stopped and I just asked him what he wanted to get out of what we were teaching and he said that he wanted to learn about how to get closer to Jesus Christ, so that was good, and then i asked him about what he thought of what we have taught him so far and he said I know its true. I know you are teaching me truth. When he said that I knew that the spirit was with us and then our member that was with us bore his testimony of how he was converted into the church(which is a cool story) and then looked at the investigator took his arm and said show me your hands. Tonys hands were really tore up and apparently it happens from stress and other things and our member, Bro Clancy, said I promise you that If you keep the commandments and follow the teachings that the Elders are teaching you, your hands will be healed. Wow. At first I was like woah take it easy mate!(in my head) but then afterwards while I was thinking about that I just couldnt help but envy his faith. He's only been a member for about 10 years and he is a Melchezidek Priesthood Holder and he understands that the priesthood is the power and authority of GOD to administer to our Heavenly Father's Children. That was my lesson on faith. Then my lesson on speaking by the promptings of the Holy Ghost happened yesterday. It was my first sunday in my new ward, the Wollongong Ward and I knew I was going to have to bear my testimony so I was trying to decide on what to bear my testimony on. I wanted to make a good first impression and all that. I wanted to represent Califormia too :). So anyways as I was walking up to the pulpit all I could think of to bear my testimony on was the Atonement and Grace. As I was walking back to my seat I was just like Dang it Dang it Dang it Dang it dang it etc. etc. I sat down a bit disappointed and then towards the end of sacrament meeting another Sister in the ward(I'm still learning names) went up and bore a strong testimony of how the Atonement has blessed her life and she said that she was thankful that I bore my testimony on grace because she knew that was what she really needed to hear at this point in her life. When she said that I knew that the Holy Ghost had given me the words to say. I didnt want to share this experience to toot my own horn but I just wanted to just mention that as members of the church we are given the magnificent gift of the Holy Ghost, a member of the Godhead, and he does in reality prompt us and give us the words to say to those around us to lift them up and also to help those lost children of our Heavenly Father to find the way back home. I hope all of us will look for those opprotunities to open our mouths and bear testimony of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it has blessed our families and individual lives. I know that a testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy and revelation which is what the sons of Mosiah had when they converted thousands of Lamanites during their ministry. Our Heavenly Father smiles as we open our mouth to share our testimonies with those around us.(D&C 33:8-10) "Perfect Love casteth out all fear." Do we love our brothers and sisters around us? It is my testimony that if we exercise our faith in opening our mouths that the Holy Ghost will fill them. Missionary work is the fast pass to happiness. I love this work. I love you all heaps as! Cheers
Elder Nelson
Mum, Thank you for the pictures!! Looks like you had an awesome 4th of July! Oh man I miss Mexican Kaviar......aHHHHH!! Who is Sister Luatua? Do we know her? or is she just following the blog? good on ya stephen and bryce for your success at scout camp!! Your on your way to eagle!! get it as soon as possible! dont wait till the last minute! I'm not sure if Australia is building homes. I'll ask around. I dont have a forwarding address for Muno and Genevieve but here is there email address I'm glad to hear that the family is doing family prayers and scripture study. Stephen! stop mocking bryce or I will come home and marry your future wife!!! Ooooo What are you gonna do now? Well I gotta go but all I gotta say is: GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wollongong Australia!

G'day Family and Friends!
Thanks Mum and Dad for sending me those emails. I love hearing about how the family is doing and what else is going on back home. Well I might as well get right to it. Transfers are here!! The mission has been consolidated! Crazy business. And guess what?? I'm still in Dee Why!!! jk I'm not, I lied. I'm in a place called Wollongong.....yeah....dont ask. Lol! It was in the South Mission but now we are the GREAT AUSTRALIA SYDNEY MISSION! My companion is Elder Stringham and he is from Alberta Canada. He's a great guy and really chill, I like him. We live with two other missionaries in our flat. Elders Neslen(close aye?) and Elder Bowles. They are good guys too. Elder Neslen's from Oregon and Elder Bowles is from Bountiful. I havent been in a 4-way for a long time but its fun :). It took us two hours to get down here from Carlingford. Btw I'm still still Zone leader and we are in the South Coast Zone. Thats right baby!! Still on the BEACH! Chyah! Oh and I just found out that President Simmons doesnt have a "no sand" policy like President Scruggs so you know what that means?? We're going to the beach! lol but of course I wont swim....much.. JK!!!! gosh. So anyways I love this area already. There are way more Aussies here though. Our ward is actually mostly Australians. weird aye. I've served in Samoa ,Tonga, and now finally Australia lol. Its pretty sweet. This area is beautiful. There is a lot of work to be done though. Starting with our flat that we are going to clean today. But I'm excited to start fresh and apply the things that I have learned so far in my mission and to grow and learn even more.

Transfer meeting yesterday was pretty emotional. I was sad to leave the Harbord Ward. Btw I did write a song for the ward for the Talent show. They really liked it :). I'm definitely gonna have to go back and visit them all sometime. Its like my second home! There are some Tongans here though so I'm happy. At transfers though we witnessed the consolidation of the mission and President and Sister Scruggs were Debadged. Man, I'm not gonna lie I cried. I respect and love the Scruggs family so much and I've learned so much from Presdient Scruggs. I hope to see them all again soon. President and Sister Simmons are really awesome though. They actually come from the same stake as the scruggs back in Salt lake. I'm looking forward to working with them. I just love the feeling that as soon as I got to our flat yesterday I just knew I was in the right place. I love that feeling. I know that I am supposed to be here and there is a work for me to do. I love this work and I love my mission. Thank you for your support and prayers. Please keep them coming! :) Cheers as. Alua

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I always wanted to go to Italy

Kia Ora!(said kee-oh-dah)
I thought the new greeting was apropriate today since my family is turning into Maoris. The Pukana faces were HILARIOUS!! I was dying and I made a big scene and I think half of Dee Why has seen what my family looks like with their tongues out lol. And we could also see what you ate for dinner but seriously.. pasta? or pizza? jk.

We had a great week this week. We found some really great new investigators. Our newest investigator Charlotta is so cool. She's from Italy. Elder Cahigas and I were desperate to find new investigators so we were cleaning out our area book and we found the name Charlotta on one of our potential sheets with only a number. Well I called up the number and told her who we were and what we were doing and she said she was interested! So we stopped by her house on wednesday with Sister Ponce's daughter Maria and we had an AWESOME lesson. Golden as. She said that she was brought up Catholic but she didnt like how they viewed God as an angry and unforgiving God and she also was concerned about her faith and strengthening it so we pretty read through Alma 32. It was so cool because we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was like I've heard about this book but can you explain where it came from. So we explained the history and the background and she was like "that makes so much sense! why wouldnt there be another nation of people that kept a record too like the Bible?" And I was so suprised I just said ..." Yeah!....." lol but man Elder Cahigas and I were so excited so we bore strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and that it was the word of God and I could tell that she felt the spirit and as we highlighted a few scriptures in Alma 32, expounded upon them and applied them to her I knew that she knew that she was reading the word of God. We wanted to teach her everything all at once but we didnt have enough time so we left her the rest of the chapter to read and a pamphlet on the Restoration of the Gospel and told her that we would explain where exactly the Book of Mormon has come from. I'm so excited for that lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel on wednesday! I have a good feeling about it :). We'll see though. Missionary work is so unpredictable. So everything has been going really well for us and hopefully we'll be able to teach some of the people that we found last week too.

 I know that our Heavenly Father prepares his children to accept the Gospel and our message that there is a prophet on the earth and the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth in these latter days. It is up to us who have found this truth to invite those of our brothers and sisters who are searching and maybe they dont even know they're searching to come unto Christ and to Follow Him. For he is way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Him. I love my mission and all that I am learning. Lately I have been feeling very blessed and also edified while I have been studying the wonderful truths of this gospel. God Lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Nelson

HAPPY FATHER's DAy DAD!! Sounds like you got spoiled and also CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING YOUR CONTRACTOR's LICENSE! Thats sweet as mate.  Well I better go for now but I'm fine mum I dont really need anything right now. I'm just really trying to stay extra focused because President wanted me to make sure my area was up to par before the consolidation because another Zone Leader will probably be coming into the area and we are finally seeing the blessings from our prayers and hard work so I'm trying to make sure that doesnt go to waste.  But, I was wondering if someone who send me a 4 or 5 or 6 generation pedigree chart. I've been learning a lot about everyone else's family history lately but I know nothing of my own :/. I know thats my fault. Also, has any gotten my line of authority yet? Love ya heaps! Transfers this weekend! p.s. Good luck on your business classes! Will you have a job for me when I get home??

Stephen, stop being so buff.

Bryce, your the I'm sure your buff too.

p.p.s please dont make those faces in public...have mercy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chosen Generation


Elder Cahigas and I had a bit of a roller coaster week. A lot of good happened but we had some set backs too. But no worries! The good always out ways the bad so its all gravy in the navy. Yeah gravy in the navy....its not an Aussie saying I just made it up the other day..dont be jealous stephen. So right now Elder Cahigas and I are really struggling to know what to do about Jamie and her partner Daniel. They arent really trying to keep commitments and even though they claim to want to strengthen their relationship with God they dont seem to be putting a lot of effort forward. I'm working on my Christlike Attribute PATIENCE this week. I seem to be working on that one a lot...hmmm. Sorry If i wasnt patient with any of you before my mission, you must all have been praying for me to have heaps of opprotunities to increase my patience eh? Well thanks a lot! I'm feeling it now! Maybe the Buddhists are right about Charma...jk.

 Yesterday we had a pretty good day at church. Our Bishop's son Will gave such a great talk about the youth of our days. He explained some scary statistics about youth these days and he explained how satan is now attacking the family through the youth. I can see how true that is as I've been a missionary. He explained the importance of the youth programs of the church and how closely and carefully we need to watch and care for the youth today. Elder Eyring gave a great talk about this in General Conference. I loved how he pointed out how the youth today are the chosen generation BUT so are the parents. The parents are the chosen generation to raise the youth in this world today. He told a good story about the importance of listening to your parents, I'll tell what I remember: "A man lived in a Cabin on the outskirts of town with his young son and one day as he was returning home from gathering some wood for the fireplace he started to have a really eary feeling. As he approached the house he noticed that the door was wide open and that everything inside the house had been smashed and thrown around. He panicked and he ran through the house looking for his son yelling at the top of his lungs. His son was no where to be found. As he hurried outside he saw his dog coming from the woods with blood surrounding its mouth. Fearing the worst he furiously grabbed the dog, took it deep in the woods and put it down. As he returned home for the second time with grief engulfing him he saw something in the corner of his eye on the side of the house. As he walked over he could see that it was a large bear that had died from visible bite wounds all over it. Hopeful he hurried into the house and joyfully found his son hiding under his bed, perfectly fine. The dog had been protecting the man's son from the bear."(thats the best I remember it but I hope you get the picture) Will explained that as youth sometimes we feel that our parents are too hard or too strict or too protective and we disregard what they say. We view them as the "bad guy" in some cases when really all our parents are trying to do is keep us same from the "large bears" of the world that could overcome and destroy us. I'm thankful for my parents who took time to ask me questions about what was going on in my life and also about my testimony of the gospel. I'm thankful for their concern and their unconditional love. Look at the youth around you and see if any of them need a helping hand or warm smile or someone to talk to. The youth are the future leaders of the church and the future of the world. This message hit me hard because I was thinking about my own brothers who I love very VERY much. I hope we are all mindful of all of Heavenly Father's children that surround us everyday and that we strive to be a lighthouse to the shore of everlasting peace and happiness instead of apart of the storm that constantly trying to push us back or bring us down.

 I love this Gospel and I know that this Gospel of Jesus Christ: Faith, Repentance, Baptism(Partacking of the Sacrament), Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end is the way that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father and live with our families forever. Also if each and everyone of us was constantly trying to keep our covenants which we made at baptism, which are:take upon us the name of christ, always remember him and keep his commandments, how much stronger would we be in this war verses satan? But we arent perfect of course and that is why Jesus Christ has graciously given us the Sacrament that we can partake of EVERY week to renew our covenants that we made at baptism and push forward on our pathway to eternal life. I know that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten of the Father. The Savior and Redeemer of the World. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He saw our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet today. How amazing is it that we have a prophet today?! and Twelve Apostles! I know that God is still speaking to his chirldren today as he has in the past. This is my testimony in the name of jesus Christ amen.

Elder Nelson

Mum, sorry if the email was a bit heavy. I was going to give a couple funny stories but I didnt have enough time. I felt this was a bit more important too. Are you doing FHE's at home? Can you do an FHE on understanding and recognizing the promptings of the spirit? Especially to know if something is true. Also maybe if you could do a lesson on Baptism and the Importance of the Sacrament.
i'm gonna miss president scruggs. I'm probably gonna move to the south mission at the end of the month.....ah! Elder Cahigas is great! He's a great teacher. He's older too, 24. I dont think I have Denisa's address anymore. Can I have it please?? Tell stephen and Bryce that I love them. Yeah I remember Eric nuttal he was my "dad" on the pioneer trek lol. He's cool as. Love you all. I'm working hard. cheers!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aaron's the man

June 6, 2010

......Transfers are here! And guess what?? I'm staying in Dee Why again! YAY!! I'll have been here for 8 months. Wooo! loco. I love it here though. I'm REALLY trying to find someone to baptize this month though. Fasting and praying for it. But until then I'm just trying to help build up the Harbord Ward and wait for miracles. This transfer is only a few weeks long instead of 6 weeks because we're going to merge with the south mission and some of the Zone Leaders are going to get sent over there to do a bit of mixing sooo I dont know whats going to happen. I'm also no longer companions with Elder Vardeman. I'm companions with Elder Cahigas so now we're not split Zone Leaders anymore. I like it better that way :). I learned a lot about myself from Elder Vardeman though. He's a good man. Together we were Tex Mex lol and now I'm with a little Philipino man lol he's way cool.

.....I was reading Alma 22 the other day for personal studies though and I am thoroughly convinced that the first thing Kate needs to do is pray. We are trying to get her to pray but she's being a bit stubborn about it and telling us not to force her. But I love how Aaron teaching King Lamoni's Father (A King himself) about how that Great Spirit is God and he teaches with power and authority. So much that the King says he will believe all the words that Aaron teaches him. Then after he teaches the King he tells him to "Bow down before God(Pray)." This King is probably so used to having people bow down to him but he is told by this missionary from the people that are enemies to his people to Bow down to a God that he has only been told about. Now thats faith and humility. And when the King gives his faithful but simple prayer he gains a witness that God Lives and Jesus is the Christ. I know that we get answers to prayers. My companion and I are looking for those people who are humble enough to exercise even a particle of faith so as they plant that seed of faith and nourish it by exercising that faith they may partake of the fruit(love of God) of the tree of life(Jesus Christ)........

Well i gotta go I love you all heaps. Look for those missionary opprotunitues and tell your friends about your experiences with sharing the gospel. Cheers!

Elder Nelson