Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Special Letter

We recently recieved this letter from one of Michaels investigator family's.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

To Elder Nelson's Mum and Dad,

Every time I think of the enormous long awaited blessings that has entered our life I feel strongly to write a letter to the parents of such a marvelous son Elder Nelson and my heart knows also he must of had great Bishops, teachers, primary teachers, Aunties and Uncles, brothers and sisters who at one time or another influenced his decision into being a full time missionary in which every minute I am humbly greatful, and reckonise it takes more than one person to raise such an individual.  I have been a member all of my life 5 generations.  I married a non member and we have struggled tremendously.  My only salvation was faith and in my battle Elder Nelson and Elder Bills walked in our tired and weary doorstep.  All of the sudden I had the lord's warriors aiding me in my battle of 5 years and on 26 Feb 2010 my husband had a change of heart and the spirit of the Lord entered into a space that was once ravenous with the worldly guile, now as the spirit entered everything of the world left, Oh! how great was that day, I testify of our Saviour Jesus Christ he lives , he is real he is the way and with him everything is possible.  My husband will be baptised on 3 April 2010 and now our future is eternal. A blessing I thank the Mum's for the examples the Dad's for the strength and endurance. Elder Nelson is our Eternal friend.  I write these things in da name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Always with love,

Genevieve and Munokoarhi Pupuke

p.s. Please share with the ward everyone must know we are truly greatful.