Saturday, June 11, 2011

Searching for the Elect


How is everyone! Me and Elder Vaivela are doing well. We found some

new investigators this week. One of them is from the States and his

name is John Nelson! Crazy eh? I dont know if we are related but he's

a good man and a retired Navy officer. He's seen a lot. We taught him

about the Restoration and he said he would come to church. BUT

unfortunately he didnt come. I called him on saturday and he said they

were still planning on coming but something must have come up.

Everyone seems to be afraid of coming to church here I dont know why.

I dont really know whats happening with Dave and Kahn. We are trying

our best. Last I heard Dave told us that he hasnt had a drink for 8

days which is really good. But the bad thing is we didnt get to teach

them this week because they were busy on tuesday and on thursday Dave

said he was really sick. And.......they didnt come to church!! WHAT IS

THE DEAL!!!?? Sometimes I just want to go to their homes in the

morning and just rip them out of beds and tie them to the bench at

church. Yeah that would make me feel a lot better. I'd feel the spirit

because I wouldnt be so frustrated! haha but it is all okay because me

and Elder Vaivela did have a good week. We had many opprotunities to

work with the ward. To serve them. Show them that we love them and

committ them to take the next step and do some of their own missionary

work. We had a last minute visit to the Reilly's on thursday and that

was a great visit. I love that family (by the way Sister Reilly is

trying to find you on facebook mum). Her daughter Lisa, who is usually

a huge rebel, told us that her and her boyfriend wanted to meet with

us during the week so we did and it was great! They both have next to

NO knowledge of the gospel or scripture but that also means they

havent been corrupted by false doctrine which is great! It really was

a nice visit. They are both about 20 yrs old so it felt nice to be

able to relate to them. They want to believe and have a spiritual

witness so badly and we told them they can but they have to willing to

put in the effort! We're encouraging them to read, pray and come to

church! So far they did everything but pray. They came to church

though! Hallelujah! Prayer is a new thing for them so our next lesson

will be all based on prayer. I think Lisa is really good. We're going

to be focusing a lot on her.

Those are our main investigators. Dont ask about Kiani.  But I know that Heavenly Father loves his children a lot more

than I do. Haha that sounds bad but its true. I do love them.

Sometimes. When they listen. Man I bet this is kinda how Mum and Dad

felt raising me. SOrry parents!

Well we are doing our best. I know that this is the Lord's work. Jesus

Christ is the son of the Living God. Our Savior and Redeemer. He is

the Great Jehovah. He created the heavens above and the earth beneath.

Through his atoning blood our garments may be washed clean. On

conditions of repentance. As it reads in the 26th section of the

Doctrince and Covenants "His atoning bloods only cleanses those who

heed his voice." In the church of Jeus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we

are lead by HIS voice. His voice is carried through the living prophet

Thomas S. Monson.

I am grateful for modern day revelation. As representatives of Jesus

Christ we are looking for the elect, "For the elect shall hear his

voice and harden not their hearts." I pray each day that all of God's

children will choose NOT to harden their hearts so that they may not

be "past feeling." That they may be able to rejoice in the glad

tidings of great joy which we declare. I know this is true in the

name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Nelson

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