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How is everyone? Man I was really worried when I saw the subject

heading of your email "Grandpa." But I was relieved to hear that he's

okay now. AND THEN you send the pictures and Grandpa is chilling at

the top of a ladder! Holy cow Gramps! Take it easy mate! The pictures

are great though thanks. I cant believe Dad was even adventurous

enough to hang upside down from the roof either. Oh maybe its because

he only weighs like 90 lbs. pssh. Anyways! Sounds like everyone is

doing pretty good though.

Elder Christiansen and I had a fantastic week this week. I cant even

begin to tell you how awesome this week was. Well first of all I'll

just say that the ONLY downside to this week is that I got sick. I've

been sick as the past few days and its been so dumb. I had a fever and

the shivers and its just not cool. But I got a blessing and I'm doing

heaps better. Second of all. WE HAVE TWO BAPTISMS THIS WEEKEND!!

Wooooooo!! Melesia Hufanga and Angel are getting baptized. Melesia is

a cousin to the Leota family in our ward. Brother Leota is ALL about

missionary work. Its pretty much all he talks about but hey he's

awesome and he's helped HEAPS of people come into the church. Melesia

is from Tonga but she speaks pretty good english. She has a strong

desire to be baptized which is so awesome. Then Angel! She is actually

cousins with Melesia.(YOu'll learn REALLY fast that when your dealing

with TOngans, pretty much everyone is Cousins with everyone! hahaha).

So on tuesday we were having a great lesson with our investigator

Arthur (from TAiwan) at brother Leotas house(which is another really

cool story) and then in walks Angel. She's 10 yrs old and two of her

older siblings are members. Bro Leota says her parents arent members

but someone else said they are just less active so we dont know whats

going on there but she comes in and tells us she wants to get

baptised! Of course Bro. Leota played a BIG part in it with talking to

her family and everything but she said that she has wanted to get

baptized since she was eight. So we were like........SWEET! haha its

been a week of miracles. BUT! that wasnt even the best part of our

week. I know. Crazy eh?

The best part of our week is when we met with John Munday. It was

definitely a spirit filled lesson. They had just gotten back from

their trip to New Zealand and while they were there they stayed with

his partners family which is awesome because they are strong members

of the church. They made sure that him and jay came to church and also

participated in Family Home Evening. We were so happy to hear about

that. So on wednesday we had a lesson with them and we had AWESOME

fellowship there. Bro Leotas son, Semisi(he's a young guy on the

bishopric) and his wife. They are newly weds. John and Jay live

together but they arent married. So we followed up on his reading and

he had done his assigned reading and then when the spirit was strong

we committed him to be baptized. He immediately said yes! WOOOOO! But

then of course the only thing that would keep him from getting

baptized is keeping the Law of Chastity. SO! we just got right into

it. We told them how much we loved them and how much Heavenly FAther

loves them and then taught them the importance of the Law of Chastity.

The air was tense for just a second when we started teaching it but a

spirit of love filled the room as the lesson went on. If an outsider

were to look in at the situation and what was being taught they would

probably think it was ridiculous but when the spirit is there anything

is possible. The best part of the lesson though was when the Newly

wedded couple got to bear their testimonies of the blessings of being

married and keeping the law of chastity. It was an awesome experience.

When Elder Christiansen and I got in the car we couldnt help but just

yell " YESSSSSSS!! WOOOOO!" THEN! this sunday John and JAY said hey we

want to meet with Bishop. BY ALL MEANS! So they did and now they are

getting married on the 12th of March. John will also be getting

baptized on that day. Man.........too much excitement! I love being a

missionary. Shall we not go on in such great a cause! I love you all!

This is the Lords church. How lucky are we to be apart of it.

Elder Nelson


HEY!! Well this week has just been too good. Let me know when you put

money in my account. I know the Souvey man thats a member gets back in

March. So may not start buying stuff until then. Do you want Ugg

boots? We probably cant afford to get everyone Ugg Boots. What color

and what size shoe do you wear? What does everyone want? I thought I'd

for sure get stephen and Bryce some Kangaroo coin sacks! haha you know

what I'm talking about. I think I'll get one for Adam and probably

Katie as well. HAHA. Maybe stephens friends would want some. Man I

just need a list of what everyone wants and then I can add up the

total of how much it will cost. The bat in those pictures is dead. It

was fried on the telephone wire. The bats here are HUGE!! Stephen's

trip sounds fun! Keep up the good work Bryce. We all know that the

only sport they will accept in the Celestial Kingdom anyway is

Basketball. True story. I prayed about it. haha jk. My official

release date is July 12th. Crazy! I cant believe this is the last week

of the Transfer. Theres a good chance that me and Elder Christiansen

wont be companions next transfer which is pretty crap. I have a

feeling we'll hang out a lot when we both get home. I'm training soon

too. I dont know when. Maybe my extension seems a bit longer to you

but to me its not long at all because we work on transfers. So if I

didnt extend I would only have 3 transfers left but now I have 4 so It

gives me a greater chance to train since training a missionary usually

takes longer than just 1 transfer. Exciting changes are right around

the corner. Well I should probably end this now. Love ya heaps. Catch


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