Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2011 came so fast! I remember last year when I talked

about how 2010 would be a year to remember since its the year I spent

the bulk of my mission. So many memories. I dont regret a minute. I

learned heaps and saw so many miracles. Elder Modlik and I were

together this time last year and we were doing a bit of reminising the

other day. By the way he says "THANKS HEAPS AS for the T-shirt. He

LOVED it you shouldve seen him. He was like a giddy girl. Elder

Christiansen and I had so much fun for New Years. We get along really

well. I feel like I say that about all my companions. I've been really

lucky. Elder Christiansen and I are like best friends though. He

reminds me a bit of Adam but he's not as goofy. Hopefully you'll get

those pictures soon. I sent a letter and some pictures home just last

week so it should be there soon. We did stay up until midnight on New

Years. We played a couple games like connect four and jenga. I am the

Jenga champion! But Elder Christiansen smoked me at Connect four. We

went to Woolies and got some food for our New Years feast. We had

hamburgers and milkshakes. Delicious as. It reminded me so much of

home. Then we just chatted it up and told stories. Good times.

We had a good week. It was hard because of the Holidays but there are

some great things happening in the Parramatta Ward. Its awesome

because everyone is making New Years resolutions and most of them have

to do with missionary work! Yesssss. I have a feeling that my time

here in this ward will be very worth while. To answer Bryce's question

we've got a few solid as investigators right now. Melesia, John and

Ziggy. Melesia is from Tonga. John and Ziggy are from New Zealand.

They are all great people and trying their best to follow Jesus

Christ. Unfortunately john and Melesia were out of town for the

Holidays but they should be getting back this week. We've had some

AWESOME experiences with them. I wish I could tell them all at once.

They are all progressing really well so in these next couple weeks

we'll have to see how they do. I'm so excited though. I'm excited for

this year too! Of course my main goal is to finish strong. I wonder

how Elder Hogge must be feeling right? Ah! I love you all heaps! Ofa


Elder Nelson

p.s. We had another Awesome experience this week where we were on our

way to an appointment and these two Muslim ladies were stranded in the

middle of the road because their tire blew so we stopped and helped

them. It sounds pretty regular but me and Elder Christiansen felt

really good about it because there is definitely a division among the

Muslim and Christians in our area. Muslims and Christians unite! Who

you gonna call?? THE ELDERS!

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