Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elder Vaivela from Ha'apai Tonga!

G'day Folks

How is everyone? I'm doing pretty good. I'm not gonna lie being a

trainer is hard. Sister Simmons said "Welcome to parenthood." haha.

Yeah....NOT looking forward to it. haha just kidding. But seriously I

think Training is the hardest thing I've had to do since I've been

out. The first week is always the hardest though. So I've been told.

My companion is Elder Vaivela from Tonga! He's from the small Island

of Ha'apai. 2000 people live on his island. I told him "elder....3000

people went to my high school." He says our area is bigger than his

whole island. Woah.

The main lesson I learned this past week was Humility. Big time. Elder

Vaivela is probably the most humble person I've ever met. I feel like

I've taken my whole life for granted! He came out with nothing. Tonga

isnt the most wealthy country. I have great respect for the

missionaries who come out from the islands. They take the counsel from

the Lord about leaving everything behind very literally. Even right

now Elder Vaivela is emailing another Tongan missionary he met in the

MTC because his family doesnt have any access to a computer back home.

He'll just write them letters for the rest of his mission. On top of

that! Only him and his little brother are members! His parents and his

other 4 siblings are members of the Wessleyn Church. He joined the

church in 2008. He'll be a member of the church for 3 years next

month! Man! I'm just in awe of this man. Such great faith! So on top

of training him in missionary work I'm also teaching him the gospel!

He understands most things but there are a lot of things that he

doesnt understand as well. But another thing is he doesnt speak any

english! He's learning pretty quickly though so we can carry on a

conversation now (slowly). He got his first suit when he came into the

mission. His first camera which he still doesnt know how to use. He

used a fork and knife for the first time in the MTC. Seriously! He saw

his first helicopter. He went on an escalator for the first time in

the MTC. He got his first watch. He had cereal for the first time.

Mexican food :). When we went to Mall he was completely shocked about

how big it was. He said their biggest shop on his island is as big as

our living room. Small as. The list goes on and on! He made sure that

I always ate before he did and I'm like MAN YOUR LIKE STARVING

COMPARED TO ME! Oh yeah he had McDonalds for the first time. So I'm

trying my best to serve him in any way I can because I feel like a

spoiled brat. By the way you should send a package to him. Just fill

it with anything. Two lines of two great hymns come to mind. " Count

your many blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings

see what God has done" & "Because I have been given much I too must

give." We've been given so much! Its almost embarrassing. And its even

more humbling when I think about it in terms of gospel knowledge. I'm

so blessed to have been born in this church! I hope Stephen and Bryce

are reading this because they are the ones that I've been really

thinking about in this past week. We dont really have a teaching pool

right now which is hard because we "shot guned" the area so I'm more

tired than I've ever been in my life but thinking about the blessings

I've recieved and my humble companion are two great motivations. I

hope I really take full advantage of this opprotunity because I know

the Lord is really trying to teach me some things. I'm So grateful to

be a missionary and to have had the upbringing that I've had.

The Harbord Ward was pretty excited to have me back in the ward. I was

excited to see all of them too. It feel kinda weird to be back here

though since I spent so much time here before. Sister Simmons said

that I'm more in this area for Elder Vaivela though. Which is sweet

as. I just REALLY hope we can find some people to teach quickly and

hopefully get some people in the waters of baptism. My companion needs

to see some miracles! But I know they'll happen. Thank you for your

support and prayers! They are a BIG help! Love you all heaps.

Ofa atu Doksio

Elder Nelson

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