Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Freshwater and a Greenie


Sweet Moses! Transfers are here! The beginning of the end is nigh! I'm

in Woy Woy right now with Elder Ulmer from California(Who is a STUD

missionary and he's only been out for 5 weeks. The bar truly has been

raised. I cant wait to see Stephen and Bryce when they serve their own

missions) and Elder Kerr from N. Carolina(different Elder Kerr than my

previous companion). We're working in Elder Kerr's area until tomorrow

because tomorrow we'll all be heading down to the mission office to

meet our new companions. I'm training! I'm so excited. But whats even

CRAZIER....guess where I'm going.....?...can ya guess?....DEE WHY!!!

CHYAH! haha well its actually called Freshwater but its the same ward

and pretty much the same area. I'm stoked out of my mind! I'm so close

to everyone there! My new trainee is going to be so spoiled! We're

going to have to start from scratch though with investigators and

such. How crazy is that? I'm also about 99 % sure that this will be my

last area too. My trainee will probably kill me off. Its too weird to

think about though. I've only got 3 transfers left. I cant imagine

what Adam is thinking about right now. Also I'm not Zone Leader

anymore. I served as Zone leader since last February. It was a lot of

fun and I learned a whole heck of a lot. About the work, myself and my

Savior. I'm going to miss Zone Council and other Zone Leader perks but

I'm not gonna lie its going to be nice to not have any leadership

responsibility. All I have to really focus on is my area and my

trainee. I dont know who I'm training yet. I find out tomorrow. I'll

let you know next week. I heard there are quite a few Islander Elders

coming in though. I've never had an Islander companion. Exciting

stuff! I'm going to really miss Elder Christiansen. He was definitely

one of my all time favorite companions. He's a legend and we got a

long really well. I'm going to miss Parramatta Ward too. Besides

Harbord ward, Parramatta ward has been the most missionary minded. And

go figure those two wards have been the strongest too! A few of the

families I got close to gave me a nice little farewell. I'll miss them

heaps. O well, Back to the beach! Churr. Haha just kidding.

Monika Tahim and John Munday are both still solid to get baptized this

month though. Elder Christiansen and I are really excited for both of

their baptisms. Oh also last week we set a date with that girl Theresa

King. She's so golden. Hopefully her and Monika will both be baptized

on the 26th of this month. OH man! Thats the day Adam goes home. AH!

John's baptism is this weekend. Me and my trainee will be taking a

little trip back to Parramatta to see that.

We are all Enlisted till the Conflict is o'er! Is the conflict o'er? I

say unto you nay! Happy are we Happy are we!

The Lord is really blessing all of us missionaries in the Australia

Sydney Mission. There's never been a more exciting time in the

mission! I'm so excited to train. Miracles are happening everywhere.

I know that God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior. We can all be

cleansed from sin if we have Faith in HIM. Repent and are Baptized by

someone having authority. For those of us that have been baptized. We

have to keep our covenants and Endure to the end. I hope that we can

be like the Anti Nephi Lehites and shake and tremble at the idea of

breaking our covenants we've made with our God. I'm thankful for the

knowledge of the gospel and the joy that it brings to my life and to

my family. Now I have the opprotunity to spread that joy. I know that

This church IS Jesus Christ's One true church. We have the FULNESS of

the everlasting gospel. We have the keys to exaltation. I love you

all! Catch ya lata!

Elder Nelson


Sounds like you and Dad had a great anniversary! Happy Anniversary! I

love Dad's cookbook. Thats an awesome idea. I'm so glad I have parents

that love each other! haha I know that sounds weird to say but I'm

just really happy about that. But! Dont send me embarrassing pictures

mum! jeez! I'm sitting in a public internet cafe! haha whatevs. Bryce!

Happy Birthday! Holy crap your old as! Almost as old as DAd! O wait

sorry he's ancient! hahahaha! Sounds like you got some awesome

presents. And Aweseome parents! What are you gonna do now that your

are 13?

Dad! I'm excited for your new calling! How awesome is that? You'll be

serving with an ex stake president! You'll learn heaps as! Fill me in

on the great doctrine you learn. Fill me in or else. :). Stephen.

Whatcha doing going around being a stud for? You got asked to a dance

by a senoir? Holy COW! Dodgey as. How is she only 1 year older? Is

stephen just old for his year and she's younger or something? Take it

easy mate! I'm excited that my family will be "hanging out" with such

spiritual giants. If you want to be a spiritual giant. Hang out with

Spiritual Giants! Its that easy! Thats Elder Nelson doctrine. Write it

down. Quote it. It'll be in President Monson's talk next General

Conference. IT will. You'll have to send me a picture of this girl

stephen. We'll see if she's up to par alright mate? I'm gonna have to

do some interviews with this fan club of yours when I get home. Can I

spend 20 bucks on new walking shoes tomorrow? Also I'll probably buy

souveys in May unless you want me to buy them sooner. I have plenty of

time before July. ALright Latas.

Elder Nelson

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