Monday, March 1, 2010

This Week

G'day Everyone,

Well Elder Bills and I had a really awesome but exhausting week this past week. As a Zone(Greenwich Stake) we have really been focusing on new goals that we can really stretch ourselves and achieve so that we can truly build up the Lord's Kingdom here as effectively as we can. Our main focuses have been finding new investigators and getting members involved in our teaching appointments. Its been so great to see how so many missionaries have taken their new goals seriously and really applied the "doctrine of everything"(as President Scruggs says). We've seen a great boost in all the wards in our stake in missionary work and miracles are happening! Its quite simple how it works: First we have to find people to teach, then when the members get involved the investigators have some fellowship at church and they are more likely to come to church when we ask them(especially if the member's the one who asks), then when investigators come to church and feel the spirit they are more likely to progress in the gospel and have the desire to be baptised. Badda bing badda boom BAPTISM! kapeesh?(sp) lol thats really how it happens though. Thats why as missionaries we try to get the members SO involved. The Lord's work has got to be done his way and when we do it his way miracles occur. I love being apart of this great work and serving around so many great missionaries. I'm learning HEAPS AS! The biggest reason why this week has been so exhausting is because we went on even more exchanges this past week! AHHH! Its hard because we just have to make sure that the exchanges arent affecting the work in our beautiful paradise of DEE WHY. But, I made some new friends. Elder Brough from Gilbert, AZ is a fairly new missionary and he's the youngest trainer EVER! He finished his own training and then President said oh by the way your training Elder Brough. Oh man I would be going crazy! and he he's a bit stressed but he's such a great missionary and who the lord calls the lord qualifies. Anyways he reminds me a lot of Adam(besides the stressed part lol) and he's a cool as dude. He's got the exact same taste in music, he likes the same bands and everything so that was awesome. I had a great exchange with him. Also there's another missionary Elder Dana from Gilbert as wel,l whose serving in the area right next to mine, Manly, and he's the man I get along with him great. I've made a lot of friends in this mission. By the way Dad Elder Bill's family is from Spanish Fork and his mum and dad are about the same age as you. Did you know any Bills or Hazel families? He says his Dad is in construction and has worked for a Bill before (idk If its grandpa) so get back to me on that! Anyways! So Maria Talorico is working towards her date to be baptised on the 13 of this month which is AWESOME! Its not completely solid because there are a couple of things she needs to work out but she's getting there and we're praying and fasting for her! Also we had an AMAZING lesson with Muno this past week. We have been meeting with him at least twice a week and he has really been progressing lately. Its been such a pleasure to see. His countenace has changed so much from the first time we saw him. He is SO much happier. This is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ, The Good News or Glad Tidings and I KNOW that its true. So we decided we needed to teach him the Restoration again because we mostly just went over it briefly the first time we taught him and watched the Restoration DVD. Did I mention Muno is from the Cook Islands? ITS SO COOL! anyways so we taught him again and the spirit was so strong. We committed him to be baptised and I was holding my breath for it seemed like Ages and then he said ".....yeah I want to get baptised." WOOOHOOO!!! YEAH BABY YEAH! so while Elder Bills and I had a flippin hectic as dance party in our heads we just said " ...well Muno we are pleased with your decision to be baptised." LOL jk but it was something like that. I couldnt stop smiling and I was like just testifying like a mad man that I know that his decision was the right one and I just kept telling him how excited I was for him. I was acting like a 5 yr old at disneyland!(not that I would know what thats and they were probably thinking "man, how old is this guy?" That was like the greatest day of mission so far hands down. Just seeing how he's changed since the first time I met him till now is enough for me. I'm so blessed to be apart of this work and I know that God Lives and Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer. Funny Story: So we did this object lesson with our Ward Mission Leader Brother Mafoa and his family this past week and we ate dinner there too... I dont know how many more Tongan feeds i can take. The two of us sat down and they filled the table with food...I was like oh sweet we're gonna have a nice family dinner and then NOPE! WRONG! "MISSIONARY, EAT!"(fresh tongan talk) He said" I TELL YOUR COMPANION, FAST TWO DAYS BEFORE YOU COME MY HOUSE! NOW EAT BEFORE I KICK YOU OUT! (followed by a histerical tongan cackle) Yeah....real funny brother mafoa. By the way I'm not a 32 pants anymore. Well I am if I suck it in and jump in from the top of my desk. But anyways it was a great feed and we did our best. Oh yeah I was gonna tell you about the object we did this object lesson on faith and we fill a bowl with water and we cover the top in pepper and then you have to get everyone to use there faith and try to split the pepper just like Moses split the red sea. Everyone fails. you should try it its really fun. Anyways then we put a little bit of dish soap on our finger and we do it and it works! we dont show them the dish soap though....yup Elder Bills and I are great decievers. Everyone thinks we have great faith :). So we did it and amazed them and it was so funny but then they said they wanted to try again so we did and I hid the dish soap and then as soon as I put the bowl down and the pepper in brother mafoa walks over boldly and sticks his middle finger in the bowl and holds it there and oh my goodness...the pepper started parting. I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life. IT was so hilarous! I could not believe it and he was so proud of himself afterwards. And he should be! He didnt even use dish soap! So let that be a lesson to you kids, (Moroni 7:33), By faith, miracles are wrought. Or maybe its just Tongan faith. I hear they have different faith..hmm, jk. But anyways that was basically my week. It was a great week! Besidies the Gay March that was going down in Manly but thats another story for another time. I hope everyone has a great week! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Jesus Christ's church restored on the earth once. In this dispensation of the Fullness of times. We have the fullness of the gospel and we should not take it for granted. The topic on sunday was testimonies and I encourage you all to take a second and do a testimony check. "You better check yoself before you wreck yoself" and I promise if you take the time to do your scripture study, daily prayers, serve others and BEAR YOUR TESTIMONY your testimony will be strengthened. There are a lot of other things you can do as well but those are some of the basic things that I know will help. Well I love you all HEAPS AS and I hope you all have spiritual experiences and spread the missionary bug. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Cheers as!

Elder Nelson

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