Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A family of big heads!

Tell Ryan Busch that I said congratulations on his call. Thats so awesome!! Man Columbia. Thats awesome. I'm guessing he's speaking spanish? Thats so great to hear. Holy Cow stephen take it easy mate! They're just gonna box you up and send you to the NFL soon. What team would you play for? Thats so great to hear that your doing so well. I cant wait to see you in action! Good luck on your talk too! I know you'll do great! I gave a talk yesterday on Faith in Jesus Christ and I decided to mix it up a bit and focus my talk on how Faith is Trust so we must Trust in the Lord with all our heart. I loved preparing for it because I learned so much and I saw some ways that I could strengthen my trust with my Savior. It was funny to me because It also taught me a little more on following the spirit too. I wrote down a few things down that I wanted to say and some scriptures that i could quote in my personal study but during the day I didnt feel right about it so I ended up revising it and writing down some personal experiences that I have had before my mission and on it that have helped me to trust in my Redeemer. After I did that I just knew that that is what I needed to speak on and share and it was a great faith builder to me.
Stephanie Hargrave is getting baptized this week!! YAy!! We're all so excited! she's so ready! She's keeping the word of wisdom and she's reading the Book of Mormon often and praying. We had the relief society presdient come with us to a lesson and we talked about callings and she was like oh I want one! when do I get a calling?? Elder Stringam and I are loving the mission life at the moment and we're just praying and fasting to find new investigators now.
We're having a ward talent show this week too. Its going to be awesome. The Elders Quorum and the Elders will be doing a combined Disco Dance number. Yeah buddy. We'll let you know how it goes.
We just played some basketball at the local gym and it was so fun! I havent played basketball in ages. I hope I can play some intermural(sp) ball while I go to Uni.
Well I love you all and I hope everyone is happy and healthy. Miss ya heaps as! Cheers
Elder Nelson
p.s. MAN! I miss watching stephen and bryce play sports. Stephen you are a skux. remember that word from Elder modlik? SKUX AS! Mum you need to take the ruler and measure how big stephen's head is now haha jk. I hope its not too big but you should be proud of yourself stephen. Keep it up. I see Elder Modlik at all the Zone Leader Councils so thats every month. He's still in Hebersham Zone with Elder Hill. He's been there for like 7 or 8 months now. Oh yeah President Simmons said that Head Quarters in Salt Lake still recognizes us a two missions. I dont know when or if they are going to announce it. Maybe General Conference...? Probably not. Its not that big of a deal. If grandpa is gonna start on that house then that means he'll still be working on it while I graduate from college so I'll be set with a job! YES!! hahaha. I have no idea what school I want to go to. Michael smith was going to UVU and he said it was really good. I wouldnt mind going there. I'll probably just send in a bunch of different applications to different places and see how we go. For now if i had to choose though I'd probably say UVU. And plus Grandpa said that he'd have the theater and pool tables in before I come home so SWEET AS!! haha jk but whats the update on that anyway?Well gotta go. Love you all. have a good week!

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