Friday, August 13, 2010

The Courage to Stand Alone

G'day Everybody!
Wow after reading your email this week and seeing the pictures that you sent my heart is just so full of joy. I'm so grateful for this gospel. It truly is the "good news" and glad tidings of great joy. I have never been this consistently happy in my life! But I know it is because I never truly understood the gospel. As I've been on my mission so far I've seen the changes that have taken place in our family and I feel so unworthy of the blessings that have taken place.  But I know that it has happened by our obedience to the commandments and by our willing to submit OUR will to the Father's.
Thats so exciting that Dad had the chance to meet with the Chipparro family. I cant wait to meet them! How awesome is that that you(Dad) got to witness the fruits of your labors. Even though it was AGES ago...old man. haha just kidding. I got an email this week from Muno and Genevieve and they are living in Aukland, New Zealand now. Genevieve is teaching and Muno is doing labor work. They said that they are working on their non member and less active family members and they have a baptism on the way. How exciting is that?! Good call on bringing the mexican caviar mum. It distracted them from actually realizing how weird we really are :). The most exciting thing for me to hear about your experience with the Chipparro family is that I hope it has given our family motivation and inspiration on doing missionary work. The more we become missionary minded the more we will have the spirit in the home and the more we will draw closer to our Savior. I know that is true. The more we will also be following the counsel of our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson too because he has told us to RESCUE THE ONE. Are we following the prophet? Are we focused on the "one"? Who is the ONE for ME today? Where much is given, much is required and since God has blessed us greatly I hope that we will serve him greatly.
Transfers are here! I'm staying in Wollongong! I really like it here. We have a baptismal date with Stephanie Hargrave! She will be getting baptized on the 21 of August! Elder Stringam and I are really excited. She's really solid and she's quit smoking completely. We're still working hard to "Grow the Ward" and find those elect sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.
Quick random fact: I made some new friends in the mission. One of them is a Zone Leader in Liverpool Zone and his name is Elder Mc Conkie....yup....thee Elder McConkie. He's related to Bruce R. McConkie. SWEEEEEET!!! (I cant remember if I told you that already)
Half of this week consisted of meetings meetings meetings but they were really good meetings. They were training meetings and we had some really good experiences being trained on how to be better missionaries and how we can teach with the spirit. I've been humbled SEVERLY haha and I've just realized A LOT of things that I need to improve on. So that is what we are working on in our Zone and the whole mission at the moment. I'm striving to be like unto Ammon. In Alma Ch 18 Ammon teaches King Lamoni with the spirit. He Asks Heaven Sent Questions, Listens with Love, Discerns the Needs of his Investigator(King Lamoni) and then uses Short Powerful Statements of Truth. For example: King Lamoni believes there is a great spirit. Ammon makes sure that he really wants to know what this great spirit is and then simply states " This is God." So I'm striving to be more like Ammon.
There is another thing that has been on my mind a lot lately and its the phrase "Have the courage to Stand Alone." This is actually a quote from my patriarchal blessing that has helped me a lot lately. I just wanted to bring it up because I especially wanted Bryce and Stephen to remember that in hard times sometimes we have to courage to Stand Alone and keep the morals and standards that have been taught to us. I know that if we exercise our faith to stand alone our Heavenly Father will bless us with more courage, faith and confidence that God knows us individually and that he loves us.  I know God lives and Thankful to be his servant. I love the feeling of being his instrument in bringing others unto his Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support and prayers. I miss you and love you all. Take luck!
Elder Nelson


  1. Michael I don't know if I am allowed to comment or not, but I am so impressed by your testimony of Jesus christ and they way you teach your family and others by your wonderful example. Thank you for your sweet testimony and love for the Lord and his son!

  2. Unfortunately Michael can not see this blog but I will tell him. Thanks! Love you!