Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open your mouth! I am! But nothing is coming out...

G'day Everyone!

I didnt get an email from you this week but I hope everything is alright. Everything is great here. We had a blessed as week. Remember our new investigator from Kongo? Well he has a bunch of his family living with him here and when we went over to teach him this past week and we found out that the rest of his family was interested too! It was really exciting. We were teaching their whole family all at once. Its mostly him and his siblings but some of them have kids too. It was my first experience teaching a non member family all at once. So that was sweet. Did you know people from Kongo speak French? Man it blew my mind that they were speaking French. After that on the same day Elder Stringam and I were with a member, Johnny, and our appt fell through so Elder Stringam was prompted to go see this Less Active family that we've been trying to see since we came into this area. Well we caught them finally and we found that Bro. Norrisons wife had returned from America and she wasnt a member so we began to teach her too! This week was a week of miracles and it was quite humbling too because it helped me to realize again that we are just the instruments and the Lord has complete control over this work.

I've been sick with a cold this past week and I lost my voice for a couple days. It was so stupid. How the heck can you be a missionary and not be able to talk?? Believe me its impossible. Unless you are sent to a Sign Language mission. The few times that I tried to get involved with teaching and finding I ended up just sounding like a dying animal and instead of them asking us Oh can I learn more about Jesus Christ? They were asking us Do you need some Medicine? You want some water? "Okay Cut!....you tell him man.....I'm not gonna tell him...you alright charlie?...you want some water?"-Brian Reagan. I got no sympathy from my companion either. He was laughing at me ALL week. haha I guess it was pretty funny but he's a jerk. One funny experience we had was we were driving to an appt and we were stopped at a light and Elder Stringam was laughing at my voice and then at the same time we saw this old man bent at a 90 degree angle doing this power walk with John Stockton Shorts on haha. And at the very moment that we saw him I went to take a drink from my water bottle and I just started busting up laughing and I couldnt stop! The bad thing was that I was driving and I didnt want to spray the steering wheel and the windshield with water so I held it in but ya know when you get at the end of a laugh and you breathe in? Well yeah I got to that point and there was water in the way so pretty much I just started drooling out water because I was still laughing and I was trying to inhale at the same time and yeah....pretty much I almost drowned. crack up as.

When I tried to talk and people couldnt understand me they would go what? speak up! What? And it reminded of an experience I had when I was a little lad. "I'd like a small chocolate shake please...?" Thats all I'm gonna say Dad. You finish the story......jerk haha

We got offered to play american football this week. Yeah......I'm gutted I cant play. Just thought I'd bring that up since stephen is Mr. football these days....yeah you think your cool! Well they're trying to recruit me in Australia MATE! yeah buddy....haha jk it wasnt anything big I'm just making it a big deal because I'm trying to boost my self esteem :)....

We taught Sharing time this week. Wow. that was a crazy experience. But so fun. Little kids are so knowledgable of the gospel. There is a great spirit in primary. It also brought to my mind the scripture Mosiah 3:19 how all of us need to submit to God as a child doth submit unto his Father.

That was my week! I hope you have a great week! Love you all! Catch ya

Elder Nelson

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