Monday, October 11, 2010


G'day Mateys!

General Conference was awesome eh? I felt like President Monson was heaps more intense than he usually is. Especially during Priesthood Session. Maybe you noticed a different theme but the main theme I noticed during most of conference was Moral Agency. The gift to choose but not the choice of consequences. I loved President Monson's opening remarks as well. Do you remember? " I want to mention something very near and dear to my heart....MISSIONARY WORK." He encouraged all young men to prepare and to DECIDE to serve a full time mission. I hope you heard that part Stephen and Bryce. I felt the spirit so strong during the Conference. There were many talks where I felt the Lord speaking straight to me through his servants. They truly are chosen of God

Our investigators are doing okay. We really need to find some more. Johnathan came to church though! Did I tell you about him? We found him street contacting in town awhile back and we've been really trying to get him to come to church but he's been called into work the past couple of weeks so thats been a problem. But, he finally got a week off and he was able to come. He came to the Sunday morning session and he really liked President Eyrings talk. He's looking for an answer to his prayer right now if Jospeh Smith is a prophet of God or not. We're doing all we can to help him to get that answer. He's been reading from the Book of Mormon lately. Maybe he's already received it I dont know. We'll find out soon I hope. Our other investigators right now are mainly Majit, Donna, and Jackie. We're a bit on the fence about them. They are up and down and we're not sure if they are really as solid as they seem. I just hope and pray that we can do "all that we can do" so that the Lord can do the rest. I'm grateful for these struggles though because I know that the Lord is trying to teach me something and I just need to figure out what it is. Maybe its patience again. Man I thought I learned that lesson already!! haha just kidding.

We had some great training this week in Sydney. It was a time of a great revelation and I was also able to understand how I can improve my teaching skills.

I had an experience during the couple days of training when I misplaced my badge. I found out later that another missionary friend of mine had pick pocketed me and decided to hide it for awhile. But after I got my badge back I noticed how I felt when I thought I had lost it. I was very worried, anxious and upset. I love my badge and I love wearing the name of the Saviour of the World upon my chest. I dont even want to think about the day that I will have to take it off. After I found out who took my badge I proceded to beat the living day lights out of him haha jk.

I'm working hard and doing my best. I know that if I am diligent in all things then the Lord will show me what to do. But I'm thankful for your insight, Dad, on priesthood session. I love hearing about the spiritual experiences that my family is having at home. I think that I need to follow the example more of President Eyring when he shared how he always says "what would thou have me do?" in his prayers. I know that I need to work on praying more fervently. Or as Moroni explains it "with all the energy of heart"(Moroni 7:48). The promises in that scripture are massive. If we pray with all the energy of heart we will be filled with his love and WE WILL BE LIKE HIM. I paraphrased heaps but I love that scripture. I'm so grateful to have a living prophet today and 12 apostles. They are great examples of disciples of christ and people who "submit their will to the Father." I know that they would never say or teach anything that wasnt what our Father in Heaven wants us to hear. I also know that if we do our best to repent and apply what they taught then we will be protected from the chaos around us, our faith will be strengthened and we will have more peace and joy. Let us all be examples of the believers. Love ya all heaps! Cheers as.

Elder Nelson

Dad, Thanks heaps for giving me your feedback on Priesthood session. I really enjoyed your words. I loved priesthood session and I realized that I have a lot to improve on. I also felt pretty guilty from past experiences that you and I had. I think it was Larry R. Lawrence's talk that hit me the hardest. Remember the story he told when he told his son not to take the trip he wanted to take? Sound familiar? Yeah except I wasnt as humble as his son was. Lets just say I've been doing a lot of repenting on my mission. I hope Stephen and Bryce heed to you and Mum's words more than I did. I'm sorry for my pride and arrogance. I'll do my best to be a good example when I get home. Its interesting you've been praying for my companion and I to work well together. We havent been fighting or anything and we actually get along great personality wise but I guess there are a few ways that I'd like to be a little more unified. But, she'll be alright mate( as the Aussies say). We havent had any dramas. By the way when Elder Nelson asked all the missionaries to stand in Priesthood session I was standing tall and proud especially with the thought in mind that you and stephen and Bryce were there.

Mum, you asked me about souvenirs. Well there is this member guy who sells a lot of souvenirs to missionaries and he has a website: Go here and tell me what you like. He'll be gone till March but you could still email him and stuff. I have his email. I hope you find the job you want. I'm excited to hear the family's new goals. I started to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning again too. Thanks for you love and prayers. I've been thinking about Tabbatha lately. How is she? I love you mum but I think I'm gonna have stephen pick out the shirt for Elder Modlik. NO OFFENSE!!! hahaha but Stephen knows whats cool. So stephen can you pick out a shirt? I know we dont live in California anymore but a simple California shirt would be sweet as. Just one idea: isnt In N out in Utah now? Dont they have shirts? I'm sad to hear that Michael Smith is home already. That would be so hard. Especially since he wasnt out that long. How long was he out? He must be gutted as. Poor guy. Good on em for serving honorably though.

WOOOOOHOOOOO THATS AWESOME THAT SPRINGVILLE IS #1!!!! Elder Sermersheim is gonna freak hahaha. He's from SF. He'll probabaly cry. We've been talking crap all week.....and placing bets hahahaha he owes me lunch!!! haha. I'm so proud of my brothers!! SKUX AS! You two are animals. I'm proud that you decided to stick with Football Bryce. Your a legend. Keep up being studly. Well I better go. ttyl

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