Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Work, Work, Work

G'day Everyone!

Thanks heaps for your thoughts and prayers towards me and Elder Stringam's work this week. And every week! It paid off :). WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH JOHNATHAN VARLOW!!!!! Wooooo! So awesome. He has committed to be baptized on the 30th of December. But we just found out that another baptism in the ward is happening for an eight year old child so we might have to change it. dangit. BUT WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We're feeling really blessed too because we've been on a serious roller coaster lately with our investigators. Let me tell you how it all went down. So we've taught Johnathan a lot on the Restoration and we've helped him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to ask God if it is His word. He's told us that he's been doing that and in past lessons he said he was "starting to believe that it is true." I told you he loved General Conference right? Good ol Henry haha. Well we started teaching him about the Plan of Salvation and we had prayed beforehand in our companionship study if we should commit him to be baptized and when? Well we felt like he was ready so we taught him about what the purpose of life is from Alma 34:32 and we explained to him that the "labors" that we need to do to prepare to meet God is: Have FAITH in Jesus Christ; REPENT of our sins; BE BAPTIZED for the remission of our sins; recieve the GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST; and ENDURE TO THE END. We taught that this was OUR purpose as missionaries to help people to come unto christ and to follow His gospel. We asked him "Do you feel that your faith has been strengthened as you've met with us? He said yes, definitely. Do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God? "yes" again. We asked "why do you believe that he is a prophet?" He answered "because I read the Book of Mormon and I believe that its true." We were really excited by this point and we knew that the spirit was strong so we testified boldly that it IS true and God has witnessed to him through the Holy Ghost that it is. We also testified that the Authority to Baptize was restored to the earth when Peter, James and John visited Joseph Smith and laid their hands upon his head. We taught that Baptism is for the washing away of sins and that it is the "gateway" to enter into the kingdom of God. Then we asked the question: "Johnathan will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" He said yes!! He was very confident in his answer too. Man I was so excited I just promised blessings like mad and told him that this was the greatest and one of the most important decisions he will ever make in his life. That was on Saturday. Man saturday was a great day because the beginning of our week was pretty rough. Another cool thought I had was, Johnathan is 18. What if he decides to go on a mission? That would be awesome.

We also found another great investigator on saturday too, Renee. Elder Stringam taught her in the past but then they lost contact with her for awhile. Her partner is a Less Active member and he's a famous Rugby player. He plays for the Rabbitohs. Cool Guy. If you want to look him up his name is Junior VaiVai. We're having dinner with him on thursday. Cool fun fact: Russel Crowe owns the Rabbitohs team so he works really close with the teammates. cool eh? Maybe I can get a Russel Crowe meeting and just baptize him on the spot haha wouldnt that be awesome??

Well what can I say? I'm a happy as missionary. I love this work. Its hard sometimes of course but I have a testimony that when we are diligent, faithful and obedient and that we make sure that we do "ALL THAT WE CAN DO" the Lord will handle the rest. I cant emphasize that enough. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. There is great power in that Book. It truly is the keystone of our religion. I know that God hears our prayers. He answers them. He loves us. We cant comprehend His love for us. We are His Children. He wants us to be obedient so that we can enjoy the blessings that He enjoys. He wants us to have Eternal Life. To live with Him again. He's given us temples so that as our families are sealed we can have the peace and joy knowing that our families, whom we love dearly, can truly be together forever. I thank my Heavenly Father for the knowledge that he has given me of the Restored Gospel. To Be apart of His Church. We have a living prophet today Thomas S. Monson. He is my hero. "I know that My Redeemer lives what comfort this sweet sentence gives." There is nothing that gives me more joy that these truths. I love you all heaps AS haha. Catch ya latas.

Elder Nelson

Mum, Thanks for the pics and the email. I know it takes a lot of your time but it so refreshing to get emails like you sent this week. Thanks for being a good missionary mum. I'm so proud of you for accepting that opprotunity to speak to those Young Women! I'm not gonna lie at the beginning of my mission I wouldve expected you to turn that down. But its SOOOO envigorating to hear how my family is growing as I am learning to grow as well. You'll be great and I think that it will be a good wrap up to all these changes and happenings that you've been having in your life lately. The fact that you've already had a lot of thoughts come to you too tells me that the Holy Ghost is really pushing you to do it too. I know for a fact that Dad is really happy that your doing this too. If he hasnt told you that already. Tell Stephen that I'm so thankful for his service, for focusing on "the things that matter most." He's a better man than I was at his age. Thanks for setting a good example for Bryce too. Cheers as. I hope Dad finds a job. I know he will soon. I've been praying everyday that both of you do. Good luck getting this job you want. Tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the letter and I wrote them back. Have fun with Cassie and Katie tell them I said hi! They are so funny. Well I better go. Talk to ya next week! FA!

Elder Nelson

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