Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference Saturday

G'day Mi Familia!

YA ever heard of an Mexican Australian? yeah me neither. So I'm really excited for General Conference. My companion put it brilliantly "General Conference is the Superbowl for Missionaries." True as. I gotta wait till the end of the week though. I'll look out for President Utchdorf's and Elder Hollands. I think my favorite speakers are Elder Bednar, Holland and of course all of the first presidency but I really like when Elder Bednar speaks.

Well we had a great and marvelous week in this great and marvelous work. Let me tell you a story( Tell Stephen and Bryce they better read this one): Our investigator Donna is a middle aged woman with 4 kids and one is old enough to live on his own.  We went to Donna's to set up another appointment with her on monday and see how she was going. We found out that her 9 year old son Darren was really sick and thats why she couldnt come to church last sunday. He's had a lot of problems with his asthma and on the day we saw them he got a case of tonsilitis. He was curled up on the couch with a big warm blanket wrapped around him. He was coughing and moaning while he was trying to get some sleep. While we talked to Donna about Darren's condition I felt the Holy Ghost speak to me and say "ummm you have the priesthood....use it!" (the holy ghost is pretty cheeky man). So I esplained to these Non members that we have been given authority from God to give blessings to the sick just as Jesus Christ and his Apostles did when He was on the earth and that we would love to give Darren a blessing. She happily agreed. Elder Stringam anointed and I sealed the blessing. We left the house with a prayer in our hearts that Darren would recover quickly. The next day I called Donna to confirm our appointment that we had set up and she said " You two must've worked a miracle last night because Darren woke up this morning perfectly fine! He's running around the house and driving me crazy!" HHHHAAAAAAA(Angles singing). I cant tell you how excited I was!! Elder Stringam and I took part in a miracle!! They expected Darren to be sick for weeks since Tonsilitis usually gets in your system and makes you even more sick. Donna recognized it as a miracle and her partner( who claims he's an atheist) was spooked out of his mind haha. When we met with Donna later she told us that Darren said " I felt their hands on my head and they felt so big and warm." Yeah I dont know about you but I dont think those were our hands. President Utchdorf's talk on "You are my hands" comes to mind. I'm so overwhelmed by the thought of how much Heavenly Fathers loves each of his children. I'm so grateful to be apart of this great work and to be able to witness so many great and marvelous things here in Australia. I'm so blessed to be a bearer of His Holy Priesthood and I hope that I will never take it for granted and always be worthy to hold it. I know that the Priesthood was restored through the prophet joseph smith and that worthy men of our time are able to use it to serve our family, friends, and brothers sisters around us whether they are members of the church or not. I love the feeling of serving others and I that It is true when King Benjamin declared " when ye are in the service of your fellow men ye are only in the service of your God". Love ya all heaps. Keep up the missionary work. Catch ya!

Elder Nelson

Dad, so first question. what are you thoughts on priesthood session? I havent seen it yet but I'd like to hear your thoughts next week. I'm so excited to hear that Stephen and Bryce will be going with you. How cool will it be when we can all go together?! Also my District Leader is from Spanish Fork. His name is Colton Semersheim. His mum's name is Jane Johnson. Did you know any Johnsons? Just curious. Well I better go. We're going to Zone Leader Council today and then we have two more days of Leadership Training. Leadership training is always awesome. Its like the MTC again! Did you have to send a pic of you and mum kissing?? I mean cmon! I dont need to see that okay?! jeez. Oh my gosh there is this guy that is talking to one of your missionaries right now and complaining that he cant get a wife. He told him to pray about it haha. what a bogen dude. Our Footie team here, St. George Illawarra Dragons won the Grand Final so everyone is pretty stoked (and drunk). ITS AWESOME! Okay well I better go. Cu

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