Tuesday, December 7, 2010


What up hommies? We had a sweet as week. We've got some crazy happenings

over here in the Gong. First of all I have a new companion! His name is

Elder Tamatafaarere. Haha....no serious thats his name. I'll give you three

tries to say his name right and if you get it right then I'll uhhh shower

you with missionary blessings...ha :). He's from the beautiful island of

Tahiti. Now some of you may be wondering at this time: "What happened to

Elder Kerr?  Anyways Elder T is

with me because we have some French speaking investigators from Africa and

since Elder T is from Tahiti his native language is French so he's our

secret weapon. Man you should see this guy. He is Massive!! I'm serious.

Wait until you see pictures. He's taller than me and about four times the

size of me. Massive as Tahitian. Its pretty fun walking around with him and

seeing peoples reactions. No one has yelled at us since hes been here. Hmmm

interesting. He almost broke our investigators couch too! He's a great

missionary and we're actually from the same intake so we'll go home at the

same time. Tonight we've got some appointments with some French speaking

Africans. Haha I thought it was pretty funny when Elder T. first came here

because we just went African hunting. We just drove around looking for Black

people. Its been awesome. They are so humble.

So Elder Kerr is fine. He's in Campbelltown with Elder Williams. He gets to

hang with Elder Stringam today so he's lucky. Yesterday was an exciting day.

I was priviledged enough to give Johnathan the Holy Ghost. You shouldve seen

him. He came to church in a suit and tie. Man he looked spiffy. He's so

solid right now I hope he stays that way. Now Stephanie is a different

story. Hopefully the ward really picks up their feet now and

helps Johnathan to stay strong in the church and helps Stephanie to come


But, that wasn't the only reason why church was good. We had a few

investigators there! I've told you before but we always struggle getting

investigators to church. I dont know why its gotta be so hard! But

everything paid off this week when Triston and Jacob came to church. I've

told you about Triston eh? He's doing so awesome!! I reckon he'll get

baptized. He already believes that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

This was just the first time hes come to church and he loved it! He also

just wants to learn more first before he gets baptized but I reckon we'll be

setting a baptismal date with him soon. Also you know Jacob, our Greek

Orthodox friend? Well he came to church too! He got fired from his job! Can

you believe that? I've never heard of a Priest getting fired! Haha oh but I

shouldnt laugh. He's pretty tore up about it. This means he has to go back

to Greece. But Elder Kerr and I feel like this was an answer to our prayers

because since he got fired he had that opprotunity to come to church. He

loved it too. Your probably thinking like many others that he got fired

because he's been meeting with us but I dont see why he would tell anyone

that he's been meeting with us and we've only been meeting with him at his

house so I dont know what happened.

So that was our week. It was a really fun week. We've had many many miracles

happen. Its been so fun finding and teaching the investigators in this area.

I love it here. Even though sometimes it is frustrating I've probably worked

harder in this area than in my other two areas so its been very fulfilling.

I love you all. I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is

the only true church upon this church and I'm thankful for the priesthood

and the saving ordinances we are able to perform because that authority. I

know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Cheers as. FA!

Elder Nelson

(I assume this is Jacob in the picture with Elder Nelson and Elder Kerr)

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