Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

G'day Everyone!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Now we have New years to look

forward too. Yessss!

I had a great christmas. Elder Christiansen and I have become great

friends and we had a lot of good laughs and some fun eating at members

homes. But of course the highlight was talking to my family! I miss

them so much! It was a refreshing moment and now I know that I need to

Endure to the End.

We had a great week this week. Plenty of teaching! Which is rare since

this week was full of the busyness of christmas. We had some amazing

experiences though and we had a few investigators at church on sunday.

It was a Christmas to Remember. Our mission is getting so close to

reaching all of our goals too which is so exciting. One experience

that I'd like to share is when we had the opprotunity to teach our

friends Arthur and Eric from Taiwan. They have NO concept of God. So

we explained the role of the Holy Ghost and also Who God is. We also

taught How to pray and invited them to do it. Arthur gave his first

prayer. It was a neat experience. He prayed in his broken english with

all his heart and at the end we asked him: How do you feel? He said,

"warm." You shouldve seen the excitement in his eyes. It was a

blissful moment. I know that God lives and that he is very eager to

let his children know that HE IS THERE and that HE LOVES them. But

sometimes He needs our help, for those of us who DO know, to help

those who dont. I love this gospel.

Elder Nelson

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