Monday, December 13, 2010

Tears and Mundays


So I was just at a different Internet Cafe and their system failed or
something so I lost the email I was just about to send in reply. It
was done and everything and then BAM! and NO MORE HAPPINESS! This will
be short. Lo siento. So BIG changes. I'm no longer in Wollongong. I'm
in the Granville area in the Parrmatta Zone. I'm pretty excited about
being here because this is one of the "powerhouse" Zones if you know
what I mean. My new companion is Elder Christiansen from St. George
Utah. He's an awesome missionary. He's about to hit his year mark and
he's just gun as. We taught an amazing iinvestigator last night. His
name is John Munday. Him and his partner are both from New Zealand.
They are really cool. I love Kiwis. We taught the restoration and it
was seriously one of the best lessons I've ever been in. Elder
Christiansen is a great teacher. It was a great welcoming into this
great area. It was sad leaving Wollongong. I'll have to tell you more
about it later. It was a tearful goodbye. I'll have to go now but I
love you all. Thanks for the great update. Sounds like everything is
going great. The pictures looked great too. Love you all. Ofa atu.

Elder Nelson

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