Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN! I hope you had a good birthday. Sounds like it

was a lot of fun. We had a great week this week. Full of teaching :).

Well first of all Grace didnt get baptized. I know. Bummer. I cant

remember how much I've told you about her but let me fill you in on a

little bit of her story. She is probably the most interesting

investigator me and Elder Christiansen have ever taught on our

missions. I dont know how you could be more interesting. Grace is from

the Indian Reservation in Arizona. She's part Native American and

African(Soudanese). She didnt grow up with her family and she told us

that the "chiefs" raised her. We assume that she means the leaders of

the Reservation. She keeps in contact with them often and one of the

things they asked her to do is to get involved with the Aboriginal

people her in Australia. Missionaries tried to teach her before but

they lost contact after awhile. We taught her from the beginning and

the thing that she was most interested in was the Book of Mormon. She

heard from the chiefs that their history is in the Book and that she

needs to learn about Nephi. So thats what sparked her interest again.

We gave her a Book of Mormon in the first lesson and committed her to

read it. After we came back we found out that she had read the entire

book of Alma! She told us that it was definitely a history of her

ancestors and she knew that it was true. From there we taught her the

Restoration and Plan of Salvation and she progressed really fast. We

were so excited. The only thing was that almost every time we met with

her and even in between appointments by telephone she would tell us a

concern she had: "we're racist, we have to get married, why?, we have

to be modest, women dont hold the priesthood, what goes on in the

temple ,etc, etc. The list seriously goes on and on. She tested us on

everything! Its really been a great learning experience. But anyway

amongst all of that we committed her to be baptized and she happily

said yes. So a couple weeks ago we had an appt and she brought up some

concerns that she had in the past and we said "Okay Grace, we've

answered these questions before. Let's get ALL of your concerns out on

the table so we can answer all of them and move on." But we said it

really lovingly ya know...ha. But it worked and she got it all out.

SO! this weekend she was meant to be baptized but we met with her on

friday and we asked her some "heaven sent" questions about her

testimony. We asked her about how the chiefs felt about her getting

baptized because she told us before that they werent too keen on her

joining the church. She said "yeah they're fine the only thing that

they told me is that when I join the church I'm not allowed to go into

the temple..." UHHHHH....RED LIGHT! DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! We heard

that loud and clear and we asked her if she believed that Thomas S.

Monson is the living prophet and she said yeah but then we explained

that that means that pretty much whatever he says goes. "So grace that

means you need to choose. Are you going to follow the prophet or the

chiefs." THATS THE DOCTRINE! She heard THAT loud and clear and she

said well I cant betray my chiefs and so thats where we're at now. We

explained that its up to her testimony of the Book of Mormon because

if that is true then Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet. She's

reading the Book of Mormon everyday now.

Well that was a really long story but thats the Gos right now in Elder

Nelson's life. The nitty gritty haha.

John's doing great. His Marriage/Baptism is next week. We watched the

Testaments last night with them. They really liked it. Good movie as.

Theres a rumor right now that I might get transferred next week so I

might have to visit from my next area to see John's baptism.

Monika came to church too! She's our Punjabi friend. Shes still ready

to go for her baptism next month. She told us a crazy story this week.

I dont have enough time to tell you it. She's got some serious dramas

going on in her life though. She loves the gospel and its helping her

a lot.

I know that Miracles happen. Christ's Atonement heals the broken

hearted. Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet. He IS Gods

mouthpiece. I read a scripture this week that I really like in the

31st chapter of Alma. "....our affliction was swallowed up in our joy

in Christ." I love that line. I hope that in all our lives we can

allow the sadness and afflictions and trials to be swallowed up in our

joy in Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Elder Nelson

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