Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aaron's the man

June 6, 2010

......Transfers are here! And guess what?? I'm staying in Dee Why again! YAY!! I'll have been here for 8 months. Wooo! loco. I love it here though. I'm REALLY trying to find someone to baptize this month though. Fasting and praying for it. But until then I'm just trying to help build up the Harbord Ward and wait for miracles. This transfer is only a few weeks long instead of 6 weeks because we're going to merge with the south mission and some of the Zone Leaders are going to get sent over there to do a bit of mixing sooo I dont know whats going to happen. I'm also no longer companions with Elder Vardeman. I'm companions with Elder Cahigas so now we're not split Zone Leaders anymore. I like it better that way :). I learned a lot about myself from Elder Vardeman though. He's a good man. Together we were Tex Mex lol and now I'm with a little Philipino man lol he's way cool.

.....I was reading Alma 22 the other day for personal studies though and I am thoroughly convinced that the first thing Kate needs to do is pray. We are trying to get her to pray but she's being a bit stubborn about it and telling us not to force her. But I love how Aaron teaching King Lamoni's Father (A King himself) about how that Great Spirit is God and he teaches with power and authority. So much that the King says he will believe all the words that Aaron teaches him. Then after he teaches the King he tells him to "Bow down before God(Pray)." This King is probably so used to having people bow down to him but he is told by this missionary from the people that are enemies to his people to Bow down to a God that he has only been told about. Now thats faith and humility. And when the King gives his faithful but simple prayer he gains a witness that God Lives and Jesus is the Christ. I know that we get answers to prayers. My companion and I are looking for those people who are humble enough to exercise even a particle of faith so as they plant that seed of faith and nourish it by exercising that faith they may partake of the fruit(love of God) of the tree of life(Jesus Christ)........

Well i gotta go I love you all heaps. Look for those missionary opprotunitues and tell your friends about your experiences with sharing the gospel. Cheers!

Elder Nelson

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