Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I always wanted to go to Italy

Kia Ora!(said kee-oh-dah)
I thought the new greeting was apropriate today since my family is turning into Maoris. The Pukana faces were HILARIOUS!! I was dying and I made a big scene and I think half of Dee Why has seen what my family looks like with their tongues out lol. And we could also see what you ate for dinner mum...hahahaha....no but seriously.. pasta? or pizza? jk.

We had a great week this week. We found some really great new investigators. Our newest investigator Charlotta is so cool. She's from Italy. Elder Cahigas and I were desperate to find new investigators so we were cleaning out our area book and we found the name Charlotta on one of our potential sheets with only a number. Well I called up the number and told her who we were and what we were doing and she said she was interested! So we stopped by her house on wednesday with Sister Ponce's daughter Maria and we had an AWESOME lesson. Golden as. She said that she was brought up Catholic but she didnt like how they viewed God as an angry and unforgiving God and she also was concerned about her faith and strengthening it so we pretty read through Alma 32. It was so cool because we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was like I've heard about this book but can you explain where it came from. So we explained the history and the background and she was like "that makes so much sense! why wouldnt there be another nation of people that kept a record too like the Bible?" And I was so suprised I just said ..." Yeah!....." lol but man Elder Cahigas and I were so excited so we bore strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and that it was the word of God and I could tell that she felt the spirit and as we highlighted a few scriptures in Alma 32, expounded upon them and applied them to her I knew that she knew that she was reading the word of God. We wanted to teach her everything all at once but we didnt have enough time so we left her the rest of the chapter to read and a pamphlet on the Restoration of the Gospel and told her that we would explain where exactly the Book of Mormon has come from. I'm so excited for that lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel on wednesday! I have a good feeling about it :). We'll see though. Missionary work is so unpredictable. So everything has been going really well for us and hopefully we'll be able to teach some of the people that we found last week too.

 I know that our Heavenly Father prepares his children to accept the Gospel and our message that there is a prophet on the earth and the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth in these latter days. It is up to us who have found this truth to invite those of our brothers and sisters who are searching and maybe they dont even know they're searching to come unto Christ and to Follow Him. For he is way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Him. I love my mission and all that I am learning. Lately I have been feeling very blessed and also edified while I have been studying the wonderful truths of this gospel. God Lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Nelson

HAPPY FATHER's DAy DAD!! Sounds like you got spoiled and also CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING YOUR CONTRACTOR's LICENSE! Thats sweet as mate.  Well I better go for now but I'm fine mum I dont really need anything right now. I'm just really trying to stay extra focused because President wanted me to make sure my area was up to par before the consolidation because another Zone Leader will probably be coming into the area and we are finally seeing the blessings from our prayers and hard work so I'm trying to make sure that doesnt go to waste.  But, I was wondering if someone who send me a 4 or 5 or 6 generation pedigree chart. I've been learning a lot about everyone else's family history lately but I know nothing of my own :/. I know thats my fault. Also, has any gotten my line of authority yet? Love ya heaps! Transfers this weekend! p.s. Good luck on your business classes! Will you have a job for me when I get home??

Stephen, stop being so buff.

Bryce, your the man....as. I'm sure your buff too.

p.p.s please dont make those faces in public...have mercy

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