Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Springtime in O.Z.

G'day Mates!

Well I just got back from the temple. What a train ride. It was a great experience as always! Its springtime in O.Z. and its been raining heaps lately. Man we had the craziest wind storm on saturday night and sunday. I was suprised there wasnt a tornado because our flat was shaking and branches were flying everywhere and our neighbors roof flew off. It was crazy! And no one was at church either because all the old people stayed home and then some people had to tend to their homes so our weekend was interesting.

Sounds like you've had a crazy week too. I'm glad to hear that your talks all went well! GO family go! thats awesome. But theres no going back from not emailing me.... no email = disowned....yeah...haha just kidding.

WOW! Tell Trudy and Don THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Ta as. Of course I'll have to write them too. Man I feel so unworthy but I really appreciate it. I got myself a sweatshirt already. It was on sale for 20 and I had a little extra from my monthly dispersments. The winter was good. Pretty cold but I had enough to keep me warm. haha I'm glad you like the pictures :)

Well I'm not gonna lie we had a pretty bad week. It was mostly because we had heaps of meetings that took up most of our proselyting time but a lot of appointments fell through too. BUT NO WORRIES all is well. We'll just bounce back and smash this week. Yeah buddy. Its gonna be sweet AS. So pretty much tomorrow we have a meeting with the Atheist club. Yeah...for reals. One of the members of our ward used to be apart of the Atheist club at the Wollongong Uni so he talked to the leader and got us an appointment to give a 30min presentation on "Mormonism". We're so stoked! We got one our members to make a power point for us and everything! Pray for us! So other than that we've got high hopes and great investigators. Our Kongo investigators are still going great. David and Fiston had plenty of questions to ask us about the Book of Mormon but after we were able to resolve their concerns we were so excited because we can tell that they really have "real intent" in finding out if the Book of Mormon is the word of God. They are reading right now. We also had a spirit filled lesson with Erin on Thursday about the Restoration and she was so tuned in to what we said. She understands its significance and she is prayerfully reading the Book of Mormon as well. She said she was able to come to church this week but then at the last minute she wasnt able to come because it was Father's Day on Sunday so she had to go into the work earlier :/ HAPPY AUSSIE FATHERS DAY DAD! Well I better go but I love you all and I hope everyones doing alright. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The Foundation of our testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel. "The Book of Mormon is the most correct book of any book on earth and a man will get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book"_Joseph Smith (quoted by Elder Stringam because he has it memorized). Miss you heaps! Take it easy! Alua

Elder Nelson

Mum, well now that I consider you apart of my family tree again....haha JOKES! so yeah I'm pretty much sick of hearing about how much of a stud Stephen is...WHat....about Who does that sound like? Yeah. stephen. haha crack up as. Beware the me monster. Anyways I just wanted to say sup and I love the pictures. I know you sent the pictures just because you were trying to suck up. They are great though.  I pray for you guys every day. Bryce! You are one good lookin kid. Keep the girls far away. I havent heard from Adam for awhile actually. I cant remember who wrote who last but I should probably write him. I got the letter from Kelsey. THANKS KELSEY! Good pics too. Mum take it easy on the souvenirs alright. We've got plenty of time! Your trunky as. I pretty much already know what I'm gonna get you all you just gotta tell me what my price range is. Catch ya!

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