Thursday, February 17, 2011

G'day mates!

G'day mates!

Well this week just flew by. The Legend of Elder Christiansen and

Elder Nelson still lives on. Oh yeah, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! EVEN


Valentines to you mom!

Some exciting/crazy things happened this week. The craziest thing that

happened was yesterday at Stake Conference. They totally dissolved

Parramatta Stake! So there is no Parramatta Stake anymore and what

that means is, there is no more Parramatta Zone! Weird. When they

announced the changes Elder C and I looked at each other and were like

"Uhh does this mean we're released?" Of course it doesnt but it was

funny at the time. It does mean that next transfer everything will be

different though. Our zone members and areas in our zone will change

and everything. Change is good though. Parramatta Stake was really

strong so I think they are trying to spread the love.

We had a miracle this week! On monday we got a call from the Mission

Office and Sister Wight said she had a referral for us! Sometimes

these referrals are a bit "fluffy" but she said that this one she

recieved directly from the person interested in investigating. They

had emailed the office to get in contact with the missionaries. We

just so happened to be the missionaries in that area! Her name is

Theresa King and as soon as I heard her name I was like ah man maybe

she's mexican! (not that that even applies to me because I dont even

speak spanish). But she's Vietnamese. Born in Australia though. She's

22 and she is working as a high school Maths teacher. She comes from a

Catholic background and we had the priviledge of teaching her the

Restoration this weekend. I was so pumped! It was probably one of the

first experiences I've had on my mission where the investigator was

looking for us instead of us looking for them. The experience also

greatly increased my testimony that Heavenly Father really does

prepare his children to recieve the gospel. Do you know how she found

out about the church? Well apparently she made this friend on Facebook

who is a member in Utah. He is also confined to a wheel chair. They've

been having many good conversations and he has talked many times with

her about the church and testified how it can bless her life. So since

he always brought it up she thought it was only reasonable to

sincerely look into it. Look at the missionary work he's done! We've

only taught her once so far but she responded well to our message and

we're just praying that as she reads from the Book of Mormon and prays

sincerely she will recieve an answer from her Heavenly Father that the

Book of Mormon is the word of God.

Grace decided she wants to get baptized! Her date for her baptism is

set for the 26th of this month! We're so excited! She's such a

worry-er so she has this little concerns pop up here and there. For

example she comes from an African background and as she was reading

through the Book of Mormon she came across the scripture in 2nd Nephi

about how the Lamanites were cursed and were marked with a skin of

blackness. Just wait until I get to meet Nephi. Me and him are gonna

have a serious chat. Haha just kidding but we resloved the concern

with another scripture. Its Alma 26:33(I think). Its a good one. But

other than that she's feeling great about the 26th. She's such an

interesting story. I'll have to tell you her whole story another time.

The Lord's been good to us. We are enjoying some harvesting while we

plant some more seeds as well. Elder Christiansen and I have a lot of


I know that Jesus Christ is the head of this church. Why does this

work move forward unhindered? Why have the prophets given us prophetic

counsel to prepare us for the storms ahead? Why have millions of

humble people around this earth knelt in prayer and recieved a witness

by the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God? Because

this IS Jesus Christ's church. He IS the Son of God. We CAN recieve

Eternal Life through this Gospel. Thomas S. Monson IS a living

prophet. I know these things are true. In the name of Jesus Christ


Elder Nelson

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