Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A good week

Venacum, Eppady Sugam?

Uhhh yup. I know that that is what all of you are thinking right now.

I just thought I'd give you a little taste of what its like to live in

our area. Thats the language of Tamil. They speak it in Shri Lanka. We

have so many people in our area from Shri Lanka and India and Lebanon.

They take up about 60 percent of our area and its hard because most of

them are Hindu or Muslim which are the two hardest religions to talk

to about Jesus Christ. BUT they are still my brothers and sisters in

the spirit and they deserve a fair chance at receiving the gospel. I'm

grateful for the great diversity in our area because it has opened up

my eyes in a lot of ways.

We've got a great teaching pool right now. Its got a lot of diversity

too. John Munday and Ziggy Brown from New Zealand, Archena and Rajesh

from Nepal, Grace Dominguez from Arizona (true story), Jamal from

Iran, Naomi Tarr who is Tongan but born in Australia, and Ryan

Campbell from Australia. Crazy! They are all so good too! We've been

greatly blessed. There is so much to report about this week but I dont

have much time. We just got back from the Temple.

Miracle Story! so the other day when I was on exchanges with another

missionary I saw a guy jogging down the street and yelled out for him

to stop. I said " Hey Mate we've got a card for ya!" Amazingly he

stopped! Joggers never stop! He said his name was Ryan. We told him

about the Book of Mormon and he was actually really interested so we

got his number and told him we would contact him soon so we could go

see him. I tried to call him a few times but I couldnt get ahold of

him. Not a new thing thats for sure. But the miracle was on sunday. On

sunday morning we were preparing everyone for church and making sure

everything was in order and we get a call from a number we didnt

recognize. It was Ryan. Another crazy thing because NO ONE calls us!

He said when can we meet? We said what about right now? He said sure.

So we met him at his house and we introduced the Book of Mormon to

him. He had a couple concerns since he has come from a Baptist

background but he was really interested. Then we said well we are on

our way to church will you come with us and he said sure! so we're

like SWEET AS! He came and he loved it and man I was on such a

spiritual high on sunday. We had a good handfull of investigators at

church on sunday and seriously that is the best part of a missionaries

week. When the investigators come to church its so exciting! Not just

for us but for the ward as well! that was a miracle.

Another awesome thing to report on is John Munday. He's doing amazing.

He's MORE than ready to be baptized. I think he's ready to be called

as bishop. Haha jk but seriously he's the man. We have no worries with

him. We are just waiting until next month. Him and his soon to be wife

Jay are planning on taking a trip to Utah in October for Conference so

maybe we'll all be able to meet up! THAT WOULD BE SWEEET!!! But man I

get way too stoked for that stuff so I'll just focus on the now. Oh!

and our investigator Naomi wants to get baptized too!! WOO! WOO! WOO!

We have to wait for awhile though because they're planning on getting

married in April. But its still exciting! Man so many blessing! Some

of you must have really been praying hard this week.

I love you all! I love this gospel. I love my Savior. I know that He

Lives. I know He loves us. I know this is His church. In His name,


Elder Nelson

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